My TOP 5 Places to shop for Vintage during Viva Las Vegas!

style wise vintage woman 1950s shoes

As many of you already know..Viva Las Vegas 17 is next week and I am just as excited as you all are! I am stoked to see all of you dancing to the best rockabilly bands in your beautiful vintage threads. It is so inspiring and beautiful to be a part of a culture that is so enthusiastic about the elegant and artistic eras of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s! I am also very excited to see the great vintage vendors that will have awesome treasures for us to add to our collections. Speaking of vintage treasures, there are more vintage vendors to see outside of the Orleans hotel that you all must visit! I have a few favorites now that I live here in Vegas and since I have gotten numerous messages from many of you asking me what my favorite vintage shops in Vegas are, I decided to do a post featuring my 5 favorite shops here in Vegas! Below is a list of my absolute favorite shops to find great vintage pieces outside of Viva:



211 E Colorado StLas Vegas, Nevada 89106

The Glam Factory is my absolute favorite vintage shop here in Vegas because the customer service is excellent, the vintage threads are amazing, and everything is reasonably priced. Store owner, Stephanie, is the sweetest person ever and has a great eye for vintage so you can bet your top dollar that you will find something amazing at her shop that won’t break the bank. She carries 40s, 50s, and 60s apparel and even some earlier pieces. I just recently found an INCREDIBLE Lilli Ann suit that’s to DIE for and the price was even better! Stop by and say hi if you are in town! Tell Stephanie I sentcha!



220 E Charleston Blvd; Las Vegas, NV 89104

When I was living in NY and visited Vegas for Viva, Electric Lemonade was one of the first vintage shops I discovered in Vegas that I fell absolutely in love with. Sisters, Courtney and Kinsey are such dolls and I am always happy to see them when I visit their shop. They always have a plethora of great vintage varsity pieces (I collect varsity/Letterman sweaters) to fulfill my teen-bopping heart along with some great dresses too! I always leave with something. They carry all eras and even some modern pieces that are made by great independent designers. Stop by for an electrifying experience!



1225 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

If you haven’t been to the new Amberjoy’s shop in downtown Vegas you are missing out! Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet really reflects Amber’s enthusiasm for vintage and the rockabilly culture. Here you will find tons of vintage pieces; dresses, shoes, swimwear, jewelry, and more. She also sells some of her own designs made from real vintage patterns and fabrics.  One thing I love is her selection of vintage wedding dresses that are in pristine vintage condition so if you are planning to head to the chapel of love for Viva Las Vegas, I suggest you stop by for a fancy little vintage number to seal the deal for your I-do’s! She also has a seamstress named Tracy that does in-store tailoring so I send her all of my best vintage pieces because she always does a great job! Stop by if you are in town and give Amber a hug for me! She will offer you 40% off of one item if you mention my blog!



1131 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89104 

Retro Vegas is primarily known for their gag-worthy antiques from the mid-century era but they now have a second floor full of really awesome vintage clothing! I recently bought an awesome giant wicker purse and matching pollys there for less than $75 and I wear them both to death. I am dying to buy some of their antiques too but they are a bit on the pricey side. They have great stuff though so if you don’t mind paying a little of that finder’s fee, I would suggest going to Retro Vegas. Its right down the block from Amberjoy’s too!



1211 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Patina Decor is also another place that’s great for Antiques but they also have a cool vintage clothing selection in the very back of the shop where I have found some great 1960s pieces. They are also quite pricey with the antiques but I found their clothes to be decently priced. I also like how organized the shop is and their selection of vintage is all in pristine condition too. I would definitely stop by as this shop is mostly known for antiques which means their might be hidden treasure there that no one has found yet!

Best part about all of these shops? They are all in the same area! Use google maps to track their locations and take a day out of Viva Las Vegas to get some thrifting done! I hope this answers all of your questions and that I have helped you all in some way!



4Jas SigYou heard right! Kweenz Destroy does it again with a whole new line of tees and accessories fit for all of you Kweenz out there and I got to model them for you at my new home here in Vegas shot by the oh-so-talented Daniel Rodriguez (@hey_there_Daniel). Indie184 is the powerhouse behind KD and is a jack of all trades..So when she isn’t traveling the world showcasing her artwork in the hottest galleries and making her mark on concrete walls; she’s home designing clothes and being the best mother to her itty bitty vandals. I love being able to work with her and Cope2, they are my favorite couple and I adore the good times and great work we have been able to produce over the past 6-7 years (WOW!). I am definitely a fan of her paintings and cannot wait to hang them up on my walls. I practically designed my whole bedroom around her work! Anyway, the “Crown’d” tee you see above is a collaboration between Indie and Ewokone who is also an extremely talented artist so it only makes sense that the design came out amazing. It is one of my favorite shirts to date! Some of my other favorites include her colorful beanies and graffiti STOCKINGS, yup, Indie has created the most awesome stockings and panty hose adorned with her colorful bubble letters. I seriously want to wear them every day so expect to see them on my blog frequently haha. Check out the photos of me modeling the new Kweenz Destroy gear inside!

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Neon Oasis

2It was finally the weekend and my friends Olga & Will invited my bestie Derek and I to the local swap meet. I absolutely LOVE flea markets so I was so excited to finally visit one here in Vegas. It was so beautiful out (what else is new haha) and while looking through my clothes to find what to wear I came across these AWESOME vintage neon orange pants I found at Retro Vegas a few weeks ago. They are my first vintage pants ever because every time I find them, they either don’t fit right or are too tight (thanks booty). These were the perfect fit and didn’t even need alterations! I had to wear them and originally had this idea to wear them with this really cool colorful vintage shirt that had a Pucci kind of print but wanted to keep it simple since I was just going to the swap meet so I just wore a Tommy Bahama silk ivory top. I was feeling tiki so I also wore some vintage wooden gems to match my new vintage wooden basket weaved purse which I also found it at Retro Vegas. To top off my Island girl themed outfit I wore my cheetah print Louboutins and my new vintage cat eye sunglasses. Perfect outfit for a perfect day and comfortable too! Even better, I was able to finally wear my Shien Forbidden City Lipstick which is the best shade of orange I have ever put on my lips. It matched my pants perfectly.

I didn’t find much at the Swap Meet but I did find some cool vintage jewelry and still had loads of fun. I really love that my Vegas friends take me to the best places. They are such a huge part of the reason I have transitioned so well here. See my outfit and my Swap Meet Finds inside! Continue reading


Jas-Nylon-5 SMAs a comic lover, collector, and once illustrator..I love anything with a comic print. I am completely biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Just recently, Forever21 released a Marvel collection that I fell absolutely in love with and I nearly bought everything. My favorite pieces is the Spiderman Crop top and comic legend leggings. I wore them both together just the other day for a fun evening visiting downtown with friends. It was a coincidence that my mother gifted me an awesome comic stripped bow while I was in NY last week that looked perfect with my ensemble even though it was Batman. Back to Forever21, I also bought the Marvel body suit but this outfit is a little easier to wear out haha. Anyway, even though I wore a Batman Bow, Spiderman top, and comic leggings, everything matched together seamlessly. I even got to wear my new Love Cortnie “POW” Clutch from the NYLON Magazine shop (they have the cutest stuff!) I have been dying to wear since I received it last week! Cortnie creates fabulous clutches that appeal to all types of fashionistas regardless of their style preference. This bright yellow leather comic themed clutch literally screamed my name and tied my outfit together effortlessly. I am so in love with it so you can expect to see it on my blog at least 100 times this year. The inside lining is even a comic strip! Wearing this many prints can easily be overkill without the right accessories but I am pretty brave and pretty good at adding subtle elements to my outfits to avoid looking crazy haha. The only subtleties of this outfit was my black Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps, and my purple Karen Millen Leather jacket. Don’t know how I made this work but I did and my awesome/talented photographer friend, Daniel Rodriguez, was able to capture it all! Who knew an evening to the arts district would turn into a full on photo shoot?! Glad it did because you get to see all of the vibrant colors of my outfit! See more photos inside. Continue reading

Warby Parker’s Vintage Charm

betterIt was another sunny and beautiful day in Vegas and I was dressed to the nines inspired by our (my best friend and I) new 1960s Palmer and Krisel designed home and its vibrant color scheme and atomic shapes. I can find inspiration from anywhere but I noticed that living here makes me want to dress in color all the time! Vegas is such a beautiful and bright place to live and though I love to catch some sun, sometimes the sun is really strong and I need a little shade. It has become a necessity to add a pair of shades to every one of my outfits and as of recent, I broke my favorite pair of 1940s vintage shades that I wear with everything. Many of you vintage lovers out there understand my pain when I tell you that I nearly cried in a fetal position when I broke my favorite vintage shades and there was no way to repair them because trust me, I tried. I even searched ebay and etsy for a similar pair but didn’t have any luck at all until I discovered these Daughter of Pearl Warby Parker Aurora shades that look almost identical to the pair I broke but better! I love the Marbled Acetate frame and the dusty rose faded lenses and have been wearing them to death since I got my hands on them. They are my new favorite go-to specs and since they are brand new, I don’t have to worry much about them breaking due to age. They look good with just about everything so I wore them on this day with my Diane Von Furstenburg dress, Maryl Christian Louboutin red pumps, and my kissable lips purse. It was the perfect retro-modern outfit and my sunnies gave it that extra touch of fabulous! Check out how I sported these darling vintage inspired shades inside!

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Breakin hearts!

TWOIt was my first Valentine’s day in Vegas and I was asked to host an awesome annual event called The Broken Hearts Show. I was pretty nervous as I had never hosted a show before but I did awesome and the show was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed a burlesque show by La Rosa Muerta and rocked out to the Black Mambas, Will and the Hi-rollers, and the amazing tunes played on the 1s and 2s by DJ Lucky, Gallo Negro, Omar the Kid, and favorite pinup girl DJ Maybelline. I couldn’t believe how incredible this event ended up turning out and Beauty Bar was the perfect venue for it. Everyone danced till the sun came up, the ladies looked lovely, and the gents were howling like wolves. I wanted to break some hearts myself that night so I wore my new silver lurex top and pants by Bernie Dexter, my new lips purse I purchased at Buffalo Exchange a few days earlier, my leather jacket, and candy apple Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps. I was definitely in the spirit (I always am, even if I don’t have a valentine) and can’t help my adoration for this red and pink themed holiday. Who says V-day has to be about celebrating your relationship with someone else? Hell, you can celebrate the relationship you have with yourself! So in honor of one of my favorite holiday’s and one of my favorite artists, I decided to incorporate Curtis Kulig’sLove me” tags in my photos to celebrate self-love <3. So here’s a toast to being your own Valentine and treating yourself on this special day!

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What a doll!

comic3 I have been following this pretty lady named Jocie a.k.a @Trashtini for a while now since I am always amazed by her artistic makeup skills and killer lolita style. She looks like a living, breathing, gorgeous doll and the girl’s got talent for days, so I was happy to see that she started her very own pretty-in-pink shop called “Shopdollys” full of cute handmade accessories, stickers she designed, vintage pieces, and more which is perfect for any girly girl like myself. I recently got my hands on a few of her bone clips and I absolutely love them. I wear them all the time and they complement my outfits well. Last Friday, It was Valentine’s day and I was feeling super girly and wore one of her pink bone clips with this cute “sweetheart” sweater I recently bought at Buffalo Exchange and it looked perfect! I am absolutely obsessed with these little gems that make such a huge statement with my lolita-like outfits and I can’t wait to see what else she creates for her shop in the near future!

comic2eyesIMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0370Visit for an overload of cuteness!

Photos by Santiago.