Fine wine.

Burgundy is a color I can wear all year around because I love it so much. On this day I wore the most gorgeous hip-hugging Burgundy dress from Tatyana boutique. It’s called the Vickie dress and I have it in both Burgundy and green. I’d say its one of the most comfortable dresses I own and that’s a major plus when I buy dresses. I like to look great but I like to be comfortable too. I paired it with some vintage accessories and a purse that is also from Tatyana Boutique…. Read More

Shop my closet at the Tatyana Boutique Sample Sale!

I will be selling items from my closet at Tatyana Boutique for their Sample Sale on January 12th, from 10-5! Come one, come all! The first 10 people will receive a gift bag! See you there! ❤

Enchanting in Emerald

The Holiday season has me busting out all of my festive dresses like this gorgeous emerald green Tailor & Twirl Katie retro dress from Tatyana Boutique. I mean, just LOOK at it! That gorgeous silhouette, fit, and color is absolutely enchanting for a Holiday Party. It even has a matching bolero! I like dresses that come with a bolero because sometimes I like to hide the keloid scars on my back (yeah I have those days sometimes!). I also love the stretchy fabric and full skirt because I can really enjoy eating and… Read More

Cherry wine

There are always cool socials and events in my neighborhood that require you to get dressed up to the nines and I love that because back in the 1950s, no one needed a reason to dress up, they just did. As much as I love NY and the fashion you see on the streets of Manhattan, I still felt limited because I  still always felt overdressed when I went to events. Here there are cocktail parties almost every weekend where men wear their dapper suits and women wear their evening dresses and no one… Read More

Madame Merlot

I have been wearing Tatyana a lot lately because I attended one of their annual sample sales. I basically bought everything haha, including this “Merlot” dress. If you haven’t been to one of their sample sales, you are totally missing out! I bought lots of great Tatyana pieces and found some RAD vintage pieces as well. Back to this dress..I am IN LOVE. One of my favorite colors is burgundy or “ox blood” as most elitist fashionistas would call it. Whatever, its burgundy, and I wear tons of it for both Fall and… Read More