Viva Las Vegas: Day 4!

Day 4 of my trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas was a very important one because my best friend Santiago had his very own booth at the car show. This was his first booth and we were soooo excited and nervous to see how thousands of the rockabilly community would embrace his beautiful works of art. The nervousness comes from the fact that Santiago’s work isn’t always exclusive to one culture/era, his work is a marriage of every thing that inspires him about history, fashion, art, and beauty. So a purist… Read More

Viva Las Vegas 16: Day one!

I look forward to the Viva Las Vegas weekender every single YEAR. It is probably the only time I feel my happiest and in my element because I am surrounded by thousands of people who understand and appreciate my love for the rockabilly lifestyle. The convention just keeps growing with popularity each year as the awareness of the lifestyle progresses and it is always great to see some familiar and fresh faces. I love being able to shop at the vintage vendors, see girls in their glamorous vintage threads, watch people jive… Read More

Holy Cat Eyes!

While browsing through the Sunglasses shop, I came across these fiery Prada cat eye sunglasses I would love to wear come Viva. Prada has really grown on me throughout the years with its 50s and 60s inspired collections of apparel and accessories and I love how they take mesh the past and the present to create such amazing pieces like this one. The hazy brown lenses and the fire stone frames make for one hot pair of sunglasses and I am burning up with desire! These come in two color-ways but this one is… Read More

What I wore today: 05.12.12

I know it’s been a while since I have done a WIWT post but don’t fret, I have just been super busy and swamped with work and life that I haven’t had much time to document anything. However, the other day I spent time with my family in Astoria and snapped enough shots for an outfit post. After hearing about the Betsey Johnson downfall, I was inspired and just had to drench myself in her designs. This is one of her tattoo printed dresses I have had sitting in my closet itching for… Read More

Vintage Mother & daughter duo!

Last week we had a glimpse of spring, the weather felt just right and I was finally able to bust out a vintage 2pc playsuit I purchased in Vegas. It is a pastel green gingham top and skirt that was on sale the last day of vlv so I had to have it and was glad I even found it for just $32! I was even lucky that it was perfectly my size! Being the impatient person I am, I grabbed it and through it on with my new Prada SS 2012… Read More