Swim with Playful Promises & Peek and Beau.

Two months ago I had a blast modeling for the new Playful Promises swimwear line, Peek and Beau. I’m no stranger to the Playful Promises lingerie line. I have been adding many of their pieces to my lingerie collection for years now because I adore them so much. So believe me when I tell you, their swimsuits are just as amazing. This means, if you are looking for the perfect swimsuits to sport this Summer, you need to check out Peek and Beau! I modeled 5 different styles and had a lot of fun… Read More

My Top Sexiest Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is one of my FAVORITE holidays of the year and I am sure it’s the same for many lingerie brands all over the world. The entire theme fills a gals romantic heart with joy and nothing is more exciting than spending that special day with that special someone. Hell, I even enjoy Valentine’s day when I am single as I make it a tradition to go to my local Agent Provocateur to gift myself something sexy because in the end the most important relationship is the one you have with… Read More

Can you keep a promise?

As a lingerie addict I am always researching brands that fit my aesthetic for my own pleasures. I am a true believer that lingerie is like a well-tailored suit, it gives your confidence a boost and makes you feel good whether you are single and wearing it for yourself or taken and showing it off. Looking for something retro but edgy for a pinup photo shoot I discovered the “Etti” set by Playful Promises and boy was I excited! Whilst rummaging through the rest of the site, I fell deeper and deeper… Read More

Vinny’s Retro inspired swimwear picks under $100!

When I checked my analytics recently I realized one of my most popular posts was about affordable vintage inspired swimwear. Ironically, today I received a request from a friend to do another post just like it so I figured it was a sign to help you gals find the perfect summer swimwear that won’t burn a whole through your pockets. It is very difficult to find the right vintage bikini that doesn’t show wear and tear, need to be tailored, or one that isn’t so overly expensive so many times we need… Read More

Playful Promises Lingerie & Giveaway!

Etti Satin Retro Bra and High Waisted knicker As many of you already know, I am obsessed with lingerie, specifically undergarments that channel the mid-century. My new obsession is a London-based brand called Playful Promises that has everything I need and more in store. Playful Promises features a wide range of sexy and playful lingerie that is not only easy on thee eyes but easy on your pockets as everything is reasonably priced. Who doesn’t love coming across brands that give you more bang for your buck? I already have 2 sets… Read More