New York Comicon 2013

I was cutting it close when I left for Vegas and spent a week there before New York Comicon. The day I got back was the day the convention started! However, I managed to make it and was so excited to bring my mom this time around! My mother is my best friend so I take her to a lot of events with me. She is very adventurous so it makes me happy when I see her having a great time at these events. We had a blast and enjoyed seeing all of… Read More

Comicon 2012!

I have had my hands full with work within the past few weeks, so I almost didn’t even make it to Comicon this year. Low and behold, I still found a way and attended this massive event with my beau. I only spent a little over 2 hours there before I was off to work but I had such a blast. I’ve been a gamer and comic collector since I was a kid and it has yet to rub off. I wish I could have dressed up but I didn’t have time… Read More