Comicon 2012!

I have had my hands full with work within the past few weeks, so I almost didn’t even make it to Comicon this year. Low and behold, I still found a way and attended this massive event with my beau. I only spent a little over 2 hours there before I was off to work but I had such a blast. I’ve been a gamer and comic collector since I was a kid and it has yet to rub off. I wish I could have dressed up but I didn’t have time… Read More

City slickin!

It has been a CRAZY two weeks and I haven’t had much time to do anything at all. However, yesterday I had some free time and spent it looking for last-minute stuff for my trip to Vegas next week. I have a few outfits already packed but still wanted to see what was hiding in some of my favorite thrift stores. I needed some cool pieces, a new half wig, and comfortable shoes. I found lots of cool stuff, most I never got to document because I ran errands alone but for… Read More

Dressed in all black like the omen.

This is a rather short and quick post about what I wore yesterday while I was off styling a photoshoot for my good friend and talented photographer Yumna. I was dressed in all black because..lets face is the easiest color to wear this season. Its no hassle, everything matches, and you can get ready within minutes. I just recently purchased a cool vintage doctors bag from the 50’s and have worn it to death since I got it a few weeks ago. It matches everything and fits everything I need to… Read More

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day dos!

It was day 2 in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew and it was just getting better. On this day we were setting up the gallery for our grand opening reception of Cope’s “Rise to the Occasion” exhibition/ Indie184’s pop-up shop of her clothing line Kweenz Destroy. After setting up and getting the gallery ready, Indie and I snuck away to visit a thrift store we had passed while driving. I found a really cute vintage tote bag with old hot rods and palm trees that was so fitting for… Read More