Blue & Bamboo

There is nothing more fun for me than transforming something that is supposed to be worn a certain way into something entirely different. I found this Zara outfit when shopping one of their end of season sales. The blouse is actually not supposed to be tied like a cropped wrap top, it’s supposed to be worn baggy and rest below the hip. Of course my imagination started going and I saw the potential it had in resembling a sexy 1940s look and BOOM, I made it come to life and look a… Read More

Genie in a Bottle.

As I said in my previous post, October was the perfect month for me to bring out all of my costumes and spooky looks. I had two costumes this year, one was Shadaloo Cammy and the other was a Genie! Sadly my golden lamp didn’t arrive on time so when I went out in this outfit, I was missing the key piece to my costume but that’s what I get for waiting until last-minute haha. Luckily I got my friend Daniel to shoot me in it before I put it away with… Read More

Playboy Honey

Every now and then when I am not documenting my outfits, I like to have fun doing other shoots. A few weeks ago, I linked up with my ace Daniel of DMR Depictions to do another fun little shoot inspired by 1960’s Playboy. We did a shoot like this before but I wanted to do it a bit better than last time so I wore my pink Secrets in Lace bullet bra, matching satin thong, Ruffle trim garter belt and matching pink stockings. I had been dying to shoot in this set… Read More