My holly jolly Christmas <3

It was my second Christmas in Las Vegas and it doesn’t get easier being away from my family. However, I am thankful to have friends here who have turned into family like our friends Rudy & Urma who are originally from the Bronx. This fun and hospitable Puerto Rican couple is who Santiago (My best friend) and I spend time with during most holidays. They are such amazing people and I love being able to be surrounded by my culture when I visit because there are not too many Puerto Rican people… Read More

Viva Las Vegas 17: Tiki Pool Party/Car Show!

Sorry for the delay my loves! I have been working 2 jobs the past two weeks and haven’t had any time or energy to publish these posts because I’ve been so tired! This is day 4 of Viva Las Vegas and one of the most important days of the convention. We did so much that I had to split this post in two! Saturday’s are usually for the Car Show and the Pool followed by the best live bands at night where we dress up in our hottest evening ensembles. This day was… Read More

Viva Las Vegas 17 Day 1: Pregame!

The time had finally come, the day all of us pinups anticipate every year…VIVA WAS FINALLY HERE! Viva Las Vegas is the BIGGEST rockabilly weekender that happens every year at the Orleans hotel. It is truly a travel back in time. People who follow the rockabilly culture from all over the world come together in Vegas for 4 days to showcase their fabulous vintage cars and threads, dance to the best rockabilly bands, shop for amazing vintage and repro clothing at the vendor rooms and car show, and enjoy the sun at the tiki… Read More

My Dia De Los Muertos Birthday Celebration!

November was a crazy month and I had no idea if I would even celebrate my 27th birthday on the 9th, because I barely had any time to pick out an outfit, send out invitations, or make reservations. However, my family and friends weren’t having it and told me to get some rest, put on an outfit, and get my ass out of the house to celebrate it before my big move to Vegas. They took care of everything and for once I didn’t have to do anything and I certainly couldn’t… Read More

Traveling with Pan Am!

I have always been an adventurous person who loves to travel. It doesn’t matter the distance. If I could just leave the concrete jungle every weekend I would. So I did. Last weekend my boyfriend and I headed out to Saugerties, New York. So we didn’t actually leave New York or travel too far from it, but boy was Saugerties full of that natures goodness I love so much. My beau’s mother has the most beautiful home engulfed by trees and it is so crazy to know that such a heavenly place is… Read More