I’ve been really delayed on posts as of late because I have been really busy. I can’t complain though, so many doors have been opening for me and I am starting to see the rewards of the past 10+ years as an influencer. I like that more brands are starting to take notice of influencers who show a different perspective on how to wear their items. I really do look at fashion as an art form and I put my all into the looks I create each day. The best part? I wear what I want for ME. I don’t do it for likes or attention. I just genuinely like to look my best every day. I enjoy it.

One thing I stopped enjoying was posting on my blog. I had to step away from it a few times to fall in love again. I also blame my crazy work schedule. Now I am back with a fresh new mindset and ready to revamp this platform and get back to business!

With that said, today I am blogging an outfit I wore a few months ago (See how behind I am?) that I absolutely loveeeee. As many of you know, I am obsessed with Kate Spade. I am so sad to hear that she committed suicide (R.I.P <3) and will continue to wear the colorful pieces she has designed that make me happy every time I wear them. This entire outfit is by Kate Spade. The top and skirt were on my wish-list forever until I got my hands on them at the North Premium Outlets here in Las Vegas. I also found the shoes and the purse there too! My earrings are from Forever21 and my sunglasses are by Polaroid. I am so in love with this outfit and am glad I got my friend Daniel to take these awesome shots at the Paradise Palms Golf Course <3. Read More

The Unbound Babe

Let’s talk about SEX baby! Celebrate your femininity and sexuality in style with Unbound products💦💅🏼. Unbound is lead by a group of incredible women in NYC who are all about girl power and eliminating the negative stigma society pushes on female sexuality. They recently sent me a box of goodies and I am really excited to share this review with you tonight! I have gold-plated Bangle Handcuffs that can also be worn as bangles, a massage ring that I literally wear almost every day, a goodies-to-go pouch that has a tiny travel vibe and other essentials for bedroom play, a feather tickler, and my favoriteeeeee- the Cleopatra whip necklace I can wear out and also use for light BDSM bedroom play😘.

I am a huge fan of all things lingerie & play so it’s no surprise that Unbound has become my go-to spot for all of my fun goodies. I just love their down-to-earth approach on the topic of sex.

I am so tired of people shaming women for being sexual and love how Unbound fearlessly encourages women to embrace and explore their inner fantasies one product at a time. I even love how they are feminists as all of the pieces they sent me had labels with iconic women like Cleopatra or Amelia Earheart. If you haven’t seen their  (@unboundbabes), give them a follow because its both informative and hilarious!

I was really impressed when I received my Unbound box of goodies. The packaging was so cool and they have so many great pieces that are both fashionable and functional, two of my most favorite things! Read More

Curvy Beach Swim

My awesome gal pal, Elizabeth Taylor (yes that’s her real name!), recently released Curvy Beach, an incredible plus size swimwear brand that became so popular, she now carries smaller sizes! Once I found out the news, I had to get my hands on her leopard set and mannnn it fits amazing! It’s so hard to find bottoms that are that classic 1980s high-waisted fit. That particular style fits so well on curvy girls like myself without being too scantily clad. I always had to search for vintage 1980s swimsuits and pray for the best as some of them just got swallowed up by my butt lololol. These bottoms fit just right and even have that cute little scrunchy thing a lot of those yoga pants have, so my booty looks RILL CUTE YA’LL. They even have cute ties on the sides just incase I need more room. As for the top, I wear mine criss-crossed because it adds a bit more sex appeal. Strange that something as simple as crossing the halter makes such a huge difference. This is definitely one of the sexiest bikini’s I have so I’ll be wearing it all Summer. I also don’t mind continuing to support a brand that promotes Body Positivity and is available in a variety of sizes so every woman gets a chance to look fierce! Read More

Speckled like a Leopard

Here we have a Vintage Vandalizm out in the wild, her natural habitat, wearing a two-piece vintage leopard set along with some vintage inspired sunnies and a vintage lancome purse. All of which she found at her beloved Buffalo Exchange. Her earrings are from Vixen by Micheline Pitt and her shoes are vintage (too bad you can’t really see them!). I am obsessed with leopard so I was so excited when I found this set at Buffalo Exchange a few months ago. It was thrashed so it was in the 50% off section and I just knew, without even trying it on, that it was a gem. I restored it to its original condition and boom, it was a dream! I have worn this set over a million times since I restored it because it’s so comfortable and am so happy I was able to document it whilst spending the day at the Springs Preserve. If any of you are coming to town for Viva Las Vegas, make sure you attend my event on the 18th at Buffalo Exchange (7-9pm) and you might be able to find some gems like this too! Info in previous post. ❤ Read More

Neiman Marcus Influencer Event

The other day I went to a cool Neiman Marcus event at Fashion Show Mall hosted by my favorite bloggazon, Christie Moeller. Christie knows how to bring all of us bloggers together by hosting great influencer events. I had a blast trying on all of the gorgeous Spring styles by designers like Alice & Olivia, playing with makeup by Tom Ford, eating all the cute light bites complimented by colorful cocktails, and making new friends with the influencers there. I love love love when Christie hosts the Neiman Marcus events because they are super informative about all of the new fashion and beauty products. We all get live demonstrations on how the products look and should be worn along with goody bags full of awesome merch we get to take home and try! I had such a great time and am glad I left the event with new connections and fabulous products I get to play around with! Read More

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