Painting the roses red..

The gorgeous & glamorous, Dita Von Teese, has blessed me with her new Lingerie collection and I just couldn’t wait to shoot them. One of my favorites is this gorgeous Coquette set in red. The red lace and the cute pink rose accents are just DREAMY. Its the perfect set for a day of gardening ;). My hair flowers are by my great friend Nicole and my stockings are by Secrets in Lace. The gorgeous vintage pink piano shawl belongs to my friend Rene who was generous enough to let us shoot at his beautiful 1920s inspired home. Hope you all love these photos my friend Daniel shot as much as I do. I think they are my favorite to date! Read More

Bad Bettie.

I treat corsets like I do evening gowns. In my opinion, they are so special, I only wear them on special occasions. However, I recently got my hands on a PVC corset from Orchard Corset that I just couldn’t wait to wear. I couldn’t wait for that special occasion. I didn’t even care that it was nearly 117 degrees outside (needless to say, I may have lost some weight around my waist haha). I wanted to channel my inner bad Bettie in it and I did just that.

Since I was going for a more casual look (my casual is a bit extreme for some haha), I decided to wear the corset with a matching patent leather pencil skirt and a t-shirt. I love being able to water down an outfit like this and still make it look fierce. This is also one of the most comfortable corsets I have ever worn. I am wondering if it’s because it just hits my waist and hips perfectly. Some corsets are either too long, or don’t follow my natural curvature.

I felt like a little vixen in this ensemble. I even wore my favorite Christian Louboutin fetish style pumps. Sometimes its nice to take a break from my usual styles to visit my darker side. I think I will be channeling this look a lot this Fall. And maybe with some more Orchard corsets? YES PLEASE. Read More

Age of Athena

When I was a child, I loved greek mythology (Still do!). I started drawing creatures like centaurs, unicorns, medusa, and goddesses before I even knew what they were. My aunt Janette would take me to the Metropolitan Museum and I would marvel at all of the beautiful greek statues and beautifully woven tapestries (The Unicorn Tapestries was my favorite).

I was especially interested in all of the goddesses. Women of strength and power always inspired me greatly. Even when I played video games, I’d always gravitate towards/play strong female characters. I am sure it’s partially responsible for the kind of woman I am today.

One of my favorite goddesses was Athena. She was the Goddess of poetry, art, wisdom, and war strategy. I, like Athena, am poetic by nature, an artist at heart, have always been wise beyond my years (or so I think haha), and always have the best strategies when dealing with hardships. She is the goddess of greek mythology that I identify with the most and sometimes I channel these inspirations through my personal style.

On this day I wore the most gorgeous two piece set by The Pretty Dress Company and basically lived the dream of being my own kind of Goddess. How could I help myself? It has a detachable skirt that is open in the front so you can see that I am wearing a romper underneath (I LIVE for that drama!). For accessories, I paired the PDC set with some gold scrappy heels and went to my local Michael’s to create the perfect gold headband. I also wore a vintage handbag one of my lovely followers sent me from her grandmothers collection of gorgeous vintage accessories. It looked perfect and was everything I could want in an outfit. I’d say its one for the books!

Anyway, I am ready to be hired to play a goddess in a Greek Mythology film. So feel free to message me to be in your next film, k? haha! Read More

Tatyana at the Oasis

Tatyana has been tugging on my heart-strings lately with their fun new designs and timeless classics so I jumped for joy when I got asked to model for them. This isn’t the first time I have modeled for this company but it’s always a great time when I do, so it always feels like the first time. It made it even better that we shot at the Oasis at the Goldspike, a new chic 50s/60s inspired hotel.

One of my favorite pieces I modeled was this cute Popsicle dress! It’s the perfect mini dress for the 4th Of July and looks so cute with the neck bow and a red belt. I also modeled one of my favorite classics, The Jazmin dress, named after me! Its a gorgeous wiggle dress with a chic back opening. I also love the denim romper with the matching skirt. It’s a versatile piece you can wear so many different ways! Check out all the other fabulous styles I modeled, inside! Read More

Blue & Bamboo

There is nothing more fun for me than transforming something that is supposed to be worn a certain way into something entirely different. I found this Zara outfit when shopping one of their end of season sales. The blouse is actually not supposed to be tied like a cropped wrap top, it’s supposed to be worn baggy and rest below the hip. Of course my imagination started going and I saw the potential it had in resembling a sexy 1940s look and BOOM, I made it come to life and look a whole lot better than how its supposed to look haha. Imagination is a powerful thing! It brings your creative vision to life!

Can we talk about the fit of these pants too? I love that Zara makes pants for tiny-waisted-big-booty girls like myself despite having size 0 models on their website. I have so many beautiful pairs of pants thanks to them.

This outfit is probably one of my favorite sets in my wardrobe and that’s saying a lot with all the clothing I have. I have already worn it 100x since
I bought it.

Anyway! I wore the top and pants with my new Misguided wrap sandals, sunnies from Buffalo Exchange, bamboo jewelry from Bow & Crossbones, and my favorite Spring/Summer staple…my purse from Rockin Bettie. What a LOOK. I felt like a modern-day Puerto Rican version of Marlene Dietrich or Hedy Lamar. Your clothes should always make you feel this good. ❤ Read More

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