Orchard Corset

I was always on the fence about corsets because they were always really uncomfortable for me but I didn’t know it was because of the types of corsets I was wearing. My friend Carrie corset trains and I would always be amazed at her dedication and how comfortable she was in hers so I asked her what brand of corset she wore and when she told me Orchard Corset, I just knew I had to try it. I always think of corsets when I find dresses that are a few inches small around the waist and even when I clean out my closet and have to get rid of some of my old size 0s and 2s because I’m much heavier now. A corset saves me from having to get rid of some of my old things and gives me hope when buying vintage/non-vintage dresses that aren’t my exact measurements. This is one of my biggest reasons for diving into the corset world.

Another reason is simply for the sake of fashion. Though I am not really a fan of wearing corsets as an outfit piece (I think its tacky when girls wear them over jeans but to each his own), with the right dress, a corset can be a stunning accessory.

My friend Carrie wears the mesh Orchard Corsets so I got one of those for under my clothes and I also bought a leather one for over my clothes. Of course these are great bedroom pieces as well ;). Something about wearing the leather corset makes me feel like Bettie Page (meow!). I wish I had Carrie’s dedication to corset training but that’s not something I can commit to haha.

Anyway, I gave it a few weeks before I could do an official review and can honestly say, Orchard corsets changed my mind entirely about corsets. The two styles I have are very comfortable (I didn’t tighten them too too too tight as I wanted to breathe) but even with them not being tightened all the way, the definition of my waist was AMAZING. I like a corset I don’t have to put too much work into ;). Orchard Corset was really awesome in helping me pick the right size for me too as I wasn’t too sure which size to get. My natural waist is a 26 and I was able to get my waist down to 23 inches (I’m positive I can get it to go even smaller!) in these body binding beauties! If you are thinking of buying a corset, seriously check them out.

If you need more convincing, Check out the rest of this post where I share the effects of a corset under clothes and over your clothes. ❤ Read More

“Lasso me a gal like you!”

Secrets in Lace has been releasing some pretty darn cute pieces like this black gingham set I am wearing for this fun western shoot I did with my friend Daniel! I love it so much I have it in two colors! I mean, who doesn’t love a good bullet bra and high-waisted ruffled bum brief? It’s seriously the cutest thing but also sexy as well because it has these awesome black transparent panels for that peek-a-boo effect. I forgot my vintage pistol gun holsters for this shoot and was totally bummed but made the best of it with my cowgirl hat and boots. It was such a cute and fun shoot that actually coincides with a shoot I did for the Pretty Dress Company a month or two ago! You could totally wear this set under their Femme Fatale swing style gingham dress! See images inside ❤ Read More

Romantic florals

I LOVE a good floral print and have been buying tons of vintage and retro modern dresses as of late. I can’t help it, I just love flowers! I also can’t help that I have this Pretty Dress Company Hepburn dress in two colors because I was so in love with the print. It’s such an elegant and comfortable style I can really have fun wearing and accessorizing. This is the mint color but I have this style in pink as well (see my previous post). I believe they have this floral print style in black, blue, cream, coral, green, and yellow too! I also love that they have a wiggle silhouette version too if you want something sexier. I saw it on a few bloggers in black and in yellow and just knew I had to have it.

The Pretty Dress Company never lets me down. Their quality matches the price of their pieces and that is really hard to find these days. Every piece is tailored to perfection and even after a few washes, my dresses still look brand new. I know I boast about them all the time but I promise, once you buy your first TPDC style you will understand why! I have so many more pieces I just bought that I will be sharing with you all soon but in the meantime, check out these images my friend Bobi shot of me at the park in my Mint floral TPDC dress. Read More

Home Decor: Sin in Linen

I have been having a lot of fun with my apartment decor as of late. I just bought a tv stand, a book shelf, a dining set, and a few other things. However, nothing had me more excited than when I received my Sin in Linen Lady Weird pinup “Pillow Fight” bedding, shower curtain, and pajamas! I am already obsessed with Lady Weirds art work so I was so excited when I found out that she had a collection with Sin in Linen. I literally LIVE in the SIL pajamas. I swear to god I didn’t even own REAL pajamas until I got these. This was my first ever Sin in Linen order and I have to say..I am really impressed. There really is nothing like walking into my pretty-in-pink bathroom to see my super cute shower curtain. It literally matches perfectly. Now the sheets do not match my bedroom decor but I didn’t care at all. I still put the sheets on my bed. How could I not! The sheets are super soft and really comfortable to sleep with and the pajamas are no exception. I get giddy when I see the cute pinup girl designs all over my pajamas. I am biased about most pink things because I am girly as hell but I promise you, anything you get from Sin in Linen is going to be high quality and super fun. They have the best non-conventional designs that aren’t a snore bore like most bath & bedding you find at commercial retailers. I will definitely be placing more orders with them soon. I need more more more!  Read More

Spotlight: Ultra Vixan Cosmetics

Because I am all about Girl Power, I want to start interviewing girl bosses from all over the world to feature them here on my blog. First up is my fellow Boriqua, Annelise Marceline, a Latin American model who founded the small-but-growing cruelty free cosmetic brand called UltraVixen Cosmetics. Here we ask her a few questions about her brand, it’s ethos, and the new products she will be dishing out! Read More

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