Baby Blue.

As you can see from my previous posts, I am pretty obsessed with The Pretty Dress Company. I feel extremely fortunate to have added so many of their glamorous pieces to my wardrobe like this baby blue number. This style is called the Fatale Ice Blue Prom dress and I love how you can wear it casually or make it an evening piece depending on how you accessorize it. I wore mine with vintage accessories like these baby blue shoes with pearl shoe clips, a lucite clamper bracelet with matching earrings, a beige satin sash, fur stole, and glasses. My purse is also vintage. I hardly wear baby blue but I am thinking I will wear more of it after wearing this dress. On this day I went wondering all over Vegas with my friend Ashley and we wound up at the Clark County museum which has become one of my favorite places to visit. Read More

Mad for Martinique!

mike-rosenthal-tack-artist-group-paule-ka-paris-beverly-hills-hotel-editorial-girl-1500x994The Iconic and glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel a.k.a The Pink Palace was built in the early 1900s and is known for its 1950’s architecture, stylish decor, and legendary guests. It’s a dreamy place I’d like to visit just so I can experience having breakfast at the Fountain Coffee shop whose walls are adorned by my the Beverly Hills Hotel made-famous Martinique print. I have been a fan of this Banana Leaf print for a VERY long time just recently discovering it’s origin just a few years ago. Dolce & Gabbana recently released an entire collection dedicated to this iconic print and I wish I had the $$$$ to buy it all. Thankfully lots of other designers who are more affordable caught on because now I see this print on everything being sold everywhere! I want to buy it all! I just have a love for tropical prints so it’s no surprise to me that the Martinique print caught my attention. I have pillows, phone cases, bed sheets, and clothing in this print and I am not sorry about it. Recently I got my hands on an AWESOME two piece Martinique Print swimsuit via Unique Vintage and seriously want to wear it every single day of my life. Though I got my hands on the swimsuit late this summer, I am glad I at least got to wear it last month at Green Valley Ranch pool which somewhat reminds me of the Beverly Hills Hotel haha. I created this post, not only to discuss my obsession with this print, but to share with you all the cool Martinique print clothing and accessories I have my eye on or have already bought (for you gals who love this print too hehe). First things first though, lets talk about my new favorite swimsuit! Read More

Mad Maxine


Since I am very much delayed with posts this year I am catching up by publishing posts I never got the chance to finish like this one featuring my last shoot with renowned photographer, Lars Kommienezuspadt. Lars is one of my best friends and literally one of my favorite photographers to work with. This was a very special shoot because I got to model alongside my ace, Crystal Taylor (@subculturevulture). I have never shot with another model before but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to model with one of my best friends. Crystal is the epitome of beauty and brains and a certified whimsical weirdo whom I love dearly. That’s the nature of her charm. Crystal and I worked extremely well modeling together and even made sure our outfits had the same Mad Max-ish theme. I also got to model alongside a Flat Rock Scorpion who is now my pet haha. I named her Phaedra and she’s a badass lil arachnid. Lars bought her at a pet shop and instead of him returning her, I told him I’d take her and give her a home.

Everything was perfect. The shoot was held at Nelson’s Landing, one of my favorite hidden gems of Las Vegas. Working with Lars is always a dream and something I never take for granted. This is definitely one of my favorite shoots I have done with him. He has a very artistic eye and understands angles and lines to capture the raw beauty of his clients. As an artist, his photos end up looking like works of art. Take a look for yourself. Read More

Classy Rebel Faux Bettie Bangs Tutorial!

If you want Bettie Page bangs without committing to cutting your own hair, let me help you have the option with Classy Rebel Bettie Page Bangs (Using the deluxe version in this tutorial). Here in this video, I show you how to do a quick on-the-go hairstyle with the Deluxe Bettie Page Bangs and leopard Hair wrap from

{Disclaimer} Yes my ACTUAL bangs are real. I just slicked them back with Suavecita Pomade to do this tutorial for you guys. Visit if you need some pomade of your own!

Stay tuned for more tutorials!



My “Pinup Style” Class in NYC!

img_3915Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Lucy La Riot and Renee of Slapback NYC to teach my very first official class in Brooklyn, New York. After nearly two months of crippling anxiety from being completely nervous no one would show up, I was happy to see a SOLD-OUT class full of babes from all over the world. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy to have met each and every one of them to personally thank them for supporting me and following me on my journey. It was a 3 hour class jam-packed with lessons on hair, makeup, and style followed by an awesome shopping experience at the Slapback shop where my girls got to put their lessons to use by adding great retro pieces to their Fall wardrobe. My students were greeted at the Slapback shop with awesome gift bags full of great pieces and discounts from my favorite fashion and beauty brands. It was a HUGE success despite my anticipating some crazy disaster haha. My models were on point and on time (Love you guys!), my lesson lasted just a little over 3 hours, and my presentation was a success. Primer Impacto even stopped by to film my class (so exciting!) and conducted a cute interview with me and my models for Univision!

One thing I noticed the most wasn’t how impacted my students were by the beauty and fashion segment but how moved they were by my teaching them how to FEEL beautiful which I think is the most important part of teaching these classes. We are often told we have to work towards being beautiful by wearing makeup and dressing a certain way but not really told that these things just accentuate the beauty we already have. Sure I can teach hair, makeup, style, blah blah blah but I love also being able to motivate and inspire women to be their best versions of themselves and I hope that I achieved that. It was an amazing experience and I think another class is in my future so if any of you have any ideas on where my next class should be, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section. 😉 Read More

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