Santa baby!

As a lingerie addict, I have my favorite brands I buy from regularly and Secrets in Lace is 100% a part of my top 5. Like, can we just take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous leopard SIL set? Its one of my favorites and though it is no longer available in leopard, you can grab the other colors like the pink, red, or turquoise color ways (I have them all haha). Anyway, all of this lingerie talk has me thinking about the Holidays and what I would ask Santa for if he was (spoiler alert!) real lol. All a girl wants is some good ol lingerie and I’ve been a good girl all year. Read More


Genie in a Bottle.

As I said in my previous post, October was the perfect month for me to bring out all of my costumes and spooky looks. I had two costumes this year, one was Shadaloo Cammy and the other was a Genie! Sadly my golden lamp didn’t arrive on time so when I went out in this outfit, I was missing the key piece to my costume but that’s what I get for waiting until last-minute haha. Luckily I got my friend Daniel to shoot me in it before I put it away with all of my other costumes until next year. In these shots I am wearing a vintage genie pajama set, Bow and Crossbones Jewelry, a Classy Rebel pony cuff, vintage purse, and my Pleaser Mules. The real stars of the show aside from my vintage two-piece was my earrings and bangles from Bow & Crossbones. I am OBSESSED with confetti lucite jewelry so when she released her colorful collection of confetti lucite earrings and bangles, I went a little nuts. I literally have every single color from the collection and recently hosted a contest where you could have won $150 worth of jewels (congrats to the winner!). Anyway, everything looked awesome put together and I was happy my jewelry matched my vintage purse! I love these images and wish I could be a Genie every day haha.  Read More


Things got pretty spooky last month! I love October because it inspires me to bring out all of my vampy looks! One of my favorite looks was when I wore this awesome Uma dress by The Pretty Dress Company. I felt like Wednesday Adams in it and man I love a good little black dress that still makes a huge statement. It’s also awesome that this particular style is a pencil skirt fit. Most dresses in this style, only come in swing. This one is sexy, sophisticated, and hella comfortable. I kinda want to wear it every day for the rest of my life haha. I wore the Uma dress with my favorite patent leather coffin purse by Tatyana Boutique and my patent leather pumps from Christian Louboutin. For jewelry, I kept it simple with a bangle from Bow & Crossbones and a vintage cat brooch. Read More

Bombshell Bettie!

A few weeks ago I was asked to model alongside the gorgeous @Annaleebelle for my favorite salon called Bombshell, here in Las Vegas. It’s my happy place where I get to relax and pamper myself. I specifically go there for my hair cuts, color, and I also love their facials. They are the absolute best and the decor in the salon has the most awesome retro vibe! For this shoot, they did my hair and makeup. Normally, I don’t really let people do my makeup or really style my hair for shoots but knew I could put 100% of my trust in them to turn me into a total babe and they did! Bridget gave me the best 1960s hair and Melissa (CEO of Bombshell) did an amazing job with my makeup! I felt like Barbie! As if it couldn’t get any bette, I got to shoot with Radiant Inc. Their team is one of the best in the biz and I am always in awe of their incredible photos. We shot at Ricks Restorations with the most gorgeous cars (Thank you @vintagewheelslasvegas!) and I was glad the outfits I styled myself in totally matched the cars we shot with. We had a blast and It was so much fun modeling with Annalee! She looked amazing and I am glad we got shots of us together. Take a look at the cool photos inside! Read More

Lets talk hosiery.

How many of you have a ridiculously hard time finding the right pantyhose that actually matches your skin tone and fits you properly? I am raising my hand hard right now because pantyhose is usually a nightmare to look for. I used to buy Leg Avenue all the time but found that most of their back seam hosiery just didn’t match my skin and always made my legs look a lot lighter than they were or much too dark if I went with darker shades. This Halloween, I really really needed the perfect tan fishnet or sheer pantyhose to wear with my latex body suit because hellooooo cellulite! Not that I really care but its nice to have pantyhose give you a nice little cinch and lift if you get my drift haha. After searching and searching, most pantyhose I found had that weird shorts shadow line right by the crotch area which looks HELLA tacky with a damn body suit. As you can imagine, I was frustrated. Fishnets were apparently my only option but I then had a hard time finding my exact shade.

After a few days, I decided to check the Secrets in Lace online shop where I discovered the absolute best pantyhose that 1. Came in a variety of shades (including my shade! wee!) 2. Fit comfortably 3. had no weird short looking lines 4. Were high quality. They were perfect so I snagged myself a pair of fishnets AND a sheer pair, both of which were exceptionally amazing. Because I wore hosiery, I was able to wear my costume comfortably a few days ago when I entered a costume contest and was put on stage (WELP). If you need hosiery now that the weather is getting cooler, check out all of the cool pantyhose that SIL offers! See images inside. Read More

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