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I told you guys I was in love with Pretty Dress Company’s new Hawaiian prints and I was NOT kidding! I saw this gorgeous two piece set for the first time at the Viva Las Vegas fashion show and knew immediately that I had to have it. I know have 3 different outfits in this print haha.

On this day I headed to Boulder City for some thrifting and my PDC set was the perfect outfit. It’s both comfortable and chic! Everything I paired it with is vintage except for the C Label shoes. What I love the most about it is how you can mix and match these separates with other pieces in your wardrobe. I could totally wear this skirt with a different top or the top with some cute wide legged pants. I love a good versatile 2 piece set I can really get a lot of use out of. This set also comes in Navy blue and I just keep telling myself that I don’t need it (but I do!) haha. Read More


Hawaiian Florals

I love that Vegas is full of Palm Trees. They may not be native to Nevada but I love that they thrive and I get to see them every time I look out my windows. It just makes me feel like I live in a tropical place. I just wish we weren’t so far from the ocean. Anyway, I love anything tropical which is why I am so obsessed with palm leaf, tropical florals, fruits, and animal prints.  Anything that reminds me of my motherland, Puerto Rico.

The Pretty Dress Company just released a bunch of great Tropical/Hawaiian style prints and I immediately fell in love. I literally have this print now in 3 different dresses lololol. This one is fun and super comfortable for any occasion and so easy to accessorize with my bamboo jewelry and hair flowers. I also love the stretch and feel of this fabric. I literally didn’t want to take the dress off! I couldn’t even wait to have it hemmed to wear it. I’m tiny so it falls a bit long on me, but what else is new haha. I just have to wear higher heels ;).

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Black Mamba

A few weeks ago I visited the Smith Center here in Las Vegas to marvel at the modern Art Deco masterpiece with my friend Daniel. I love how Vegas really pays attention to their architecture and for the most part, tries to restore and revive old Mid century gems (Businesses, hotels, houses, bars, and etc). People here are very passionate about the history despite having a few people who want to modernize Las Vegas. The Smith Center is new but instead of going the Mid Century Modern route, they took inspiration from the 1920s which is also one of my favorite eras. Of course I was dressed to the nines so you know I took the opportunity to pester my friend Daniel to take shots of me in my new Stop Staring 1940s inspired Loma dress. It is literally one of my favorite little black dresses as it fits my figure exceptionally well. I mean, most of my Stop Staring dresses fit amazing. I paired the Loma dress with some vintage accessories like an art deco inspired beaded belt and simple black purse. I also wore hassle beaded earrings I found at HM, a turban I made out of a velvet scarf, and some round sunglasses I purchased at Buffalo Exchange. My beaded bracelet was something I purchased in Paris. It was one of those perfect outfits you wish you could wear every day. I am glad I chose this day because the pictures came out amazing and the Smith Center was a great location. Read More

Ronnie the rookie

As many of you already know, I am a big fan of Archie Comics. I still have all of my old comics from when I was a little kid and used to buy them for just 50 cents. This is why I was ecstatic when I found out Rachel Antonoff created a Betty & Veronica collection. Of course I had to get my hands on some of their pieces like this awesome sporty dress adorned with various Betty & Veronica comic strips. Everyone thought I was wearing a shirt under the dress but it’s actually all one piece and super comfortable. I love the sporty yet girly take on this dress so I wore it with a hat I found at Forever 21 and my Nike Sky Hi wedge sneakers. I’m not pinup all the time folks! I like to venture out into other eras and genres of fashion. This was a super comfortable look for a dope day checking out all of the artwork in downtown, Las Vegas. Check out some cool images my boy Daniel shot of me that day inside. Read More

Orchard Corset

I was always on the fence about corsets because they were always really uncomfortable for me but I didn’t know it was because of the types of corsets I was wearing. My friend Carrie corset trains and I would always be amazed at her dedication and how comfortable she was in hers so I asked her what brand of corset she wore and when she told me Orchard Corset, I just knew I had to try it. I always think of corsets when I find dresses that are a few inches small around the waist and even when I clean out my closet and have to get rid of some of my old size 0s and 2s because I’m much heavier now. A corset saves me from having to get rid of some of my old things and gives me hope when buying vintage/non-vintage dresses that aren’t my exact measurements. This is one of my biggest reasons for diving into the corset world.

Another reason is simply for the sake of fashion. Though I am not really a fan of wearing corsets as an outfit piece (I think its tacky when girls wear them over jeans but to each his own), with the right dress, a corset can be a stunning accessory.

My friend Carrie wears the mesh Orchard Corsets so I got one of those for under my clothes and I also bought a leather one for over my clothes. Of course these are great bedroom pieces as well ;). Something about wearing the leather corset makes me feel like Bettie Page (meow!). I wish I had Carrie’s dedication to corset training but that’s not something I can commit to haha.

Anyway, I gave it a few weeks before I could do an official review and can honestly say, Orchard corsets changed my mind entirely about corsets. The two styles I have are very comfortable (I didn’t tighten them too too too tight as I wanted to breathe) but even with them not being tightened all the way, the definition of my waist was AMAZING. I like a corset I don’t have to put too much work into ;). Orchard Corset was really awesome in helping me pick the right size for me too as I wasn’t too sure which size to get. My natural waist is a 26 and I was able to get my waist down to 23 inches (I’m positive I can get it to go even smaller!) in these body binding beauties! If you are thinking of buying a corset, seriously check them out.

If you need more convincing, Check out the rest of this post where I share the effects of a corset under clothes and over your clothes. ❤ Read More

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