Roses are red.

I love love love lingerie and am always looking for new brands and boutiques I can shop from. I was thrilled when I discovered Yandy, which is pretty much a lingerie mecca where you can always find what you are looking for at incredible prices. I fell head over heels for this awesome caged rose set (I know its sold out but they still have this one). It is definitely out of my comfort zone (and I definitely gave my mom a heart attack) but I figured, f*ck it, you only live once right? After trying it on, I just knew I had to do a shoot in it. I was almost afraid to post these images but, YOLO. I love them and I love this set. That’s why I ended up getting a few more pieces from the Yandy website like leather heart pasties and a gorgeous fringe navy blue chemise. They have so much to choose from and even sell shoes and swimwear too! Sorry, I know I am a bad influence haha. I will show you guys images of the other stuff I grabbed a little later. Until then, check out these awesome photos Daniel shot of me in the cage rose set. Read More


Bettie Page Fitness

One of my resolutions for this year was not only to take better care of my body but also my mind/soul. Yoga ties all of those things together and helps us become more balanced/centered and also does wonders for our bodies. I need that, I need to unplug from the endless noise of social media sometimes. Thankfully, I now have an outlet.

I’m always trying to find new and FUN ways to work out and relieve stress (because the gym can be so boring) so I was delighted when I met Tori, the fitness and yoga guru behind Bettie Page Fitness. Ive been watching her yoga and fitness videos and they are really fun to follow! I love how her Yoga poses are in correlation to Bettie’s fun model poses!

At first, I had a really hard time with getting the yoga poses right. I’m not that flexible😹. I’m still a beginner and working on perfecting my form but man, I feel so RELAXED after I am done! I even love my Bettie Page Fitness yoga mat! Its Bettie Page dressed in leather looking like the bad girl she is. It’s totally my steez😈. I’m really excited and relieved I found an enjoyable way to stay fit and stress free.

Since I started the fitness videos two months ago, I am happy to say that I have been following the workouts ever since! I also keep my yoga mat in my car because I bring it everywhere with me. You guys have to check out the Bettie Page Fitness videos and merch. So cute, so fun! Read More

Top Vintage x VV!

Last year I got to model for one of my favorite retro shops, Top Vintage Boutique in Holland, and twice at that! I can honestly say both were opportunities I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have been working tirelessly since 2008 as an influencer and this was proof that my hard work was finally paying off. I never thought that me, a fashion-funky-Puerto-Rican-girl from Queens, would be flying out to Holland to model for one of my favorite retro companies. I couldn’t be more thankful for the moments, friendships, and experience I acquired on those trips. To be able to model beautiful clothing, meet fabulous people (I love the TV staff!), and explore Amsterdam, Paris, and London during my travels felt like a dream (Is this my life?). Even now just writing about this makes me want to cry (I know I am a big baby).

It’s a beautiful thing when a company as big as this, recognizes your talent. Top Vintage truly embraces all that I am and I can’t tell you how good that feels in an industry where Puerto Rican girls aren’t really represented. Especially itty bitty ones with lots of jiggle haha. Anyway, you guys have to see some of these #bts and product shots. I modeled so many incredible pieces I wish I could have run off with haha. They have such a wonderfully curated shop of all things retro and its a breath of fresh air to visit their site and find whatever I need when I need retail therapy haha.

I have some pretty great timing with this post because right now Top Vintage is having a big sale! Click here to check out their sale selection. They have so many cute things! If you need a little inso, check out the products I shot inside!

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Zip me up Scotty!

See that cool handbag charm? It isn’t just some cool looking decorative item I added to my purse for fashions sake, its Zipa Jewels, my savior as a woman who lives alone and has a hard time zipping her outfits! I have T-rex arms ya’ll. It’s really annoying having to leave my house half zipped because I couldn’t reach my zipper. I always end up having to ask the friends I meet up with to do it for me lol but it’s still totally annoying having to do that. With Zipa I get to skip all of that. Now I don’t have to suffer doing crazy contortionist moves anytime I need to have my dresses zipped😂. No more bending, twisting, or having to ask my imaginary boyfriend to zip me up. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago with this awesome Nasty Gal fringe dress and it worked perfectly!

Since then I have already used it 10 different times. It comes in the CUTEST gift box you guys. They have a few other jewel colors too. Trust me, you all need this. To help get you started, check out the coupon code inside! Read More

Black Magic Woman

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are Magic”-Frida Kahlo

It’s a new year and I am excited for all of the great and magical things that are to come. Last year I traveled a lot, made lots of new friends, and hustled harder than I ever had before. I’ve been able to expand my mind in ways I have never imagined. Especially with my style. Ever since I moved out West, I have been so inspired with Western style. The cowboy hats, Nudie suits, cowboy boots, bolo ties and gorgeous silver jewelry makes my stylish heart melt. Annnnddd…As most of you already know, I like to take inspirations from all genres of fashion and style and mix it all up.

With this outfit, I did just that. I took a silk chiffon ruffle dress from Zara and paired it with my new Stetson hat and added some other really cool western accessories. I felt like a little western witch haha. My hat really completes the outfit and its amazing that I bought Stetson hats as a teenager without knowing the great significance of the brand. Now I have a growing collection of both vintage and modern Stetson hats that I wear all the time. For my jewelry, I wore a vintage bolo tie I have had for maybe 10 years? It’s amazing all the awesome things I have kept that I thrifted as a teen. My ring was found at a garage sale and my clutch is vintage and a gift from my dear friend Bobi Jo. As for my boots, they are some cheap suede boots from my local discount shoe store. They were only $15! My belt is a cool vegan leather belt from Deandri.

I am trying to go more mainstream with my blog because to be honest, my style has always been very versatile and not just pinup. Its easy to get pigeon holed into being just one particular thing and I am trying to break out of it despite it being a style I do so well. I love the culture, don’t get me wrong but I have had to distance myself from it to continue to love it the way I do. Anyway, I am shocked I was able to mix so many different styles together for this look and somehow made it work. I’m kinda sorta really in love with it haha!

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