Back on Altamiranyc!

Do you ever want to see style that’s different from the regular trend-nazi’s of NY?. If so, Craig Altamira is the go-see man who has an incredible eye for fashion. He knows style when he sees it, I’m always amazed by the people I see on his blog, so I’m excited that I got the chance to meet him and have my picture taken, one day on the lovely vintage streets of Soho. He is not only an amazing photographer but an awesome well spoken person. It’s always good to bump into him, especially on my lunch break;).

3118922367_5f035881b7_bCheck it out here!


Cupcakes & Graffiti.

Couldn’t love them both more than I already do.

This is my new painting. I wanted to mix a bunch of things together, Gothic Lolita, soft graffiti, and a cupcake. Still have to touch it up a bit, It’s a lot different than the portraits that I do, but I kind of love the cartoon feel of it.




My new Business Card!

So its 3:54 in the morning..and I can’t sleep because I can’t stop coughing..Tylenol multi-symptom is helping but it isn’t helping me fall asleep. I haven’t had a full nights sleep since last Saturday when I was healthy and functional. I have the flu or something, whatever it is, I want it to go far away and never find its way back to my immune system. On a lighter note, I guess I’ll blog about some new things I have going on.

I just recently designed and created my business cards.. After heavy procrastination I can finally say they are done and I love them. Glossy finish, my favorite gal Bettie, and my painting is on the back along with a list of things that I do, ya know…Artist, Stylist, model, writer.



Provoke change!


Still havent checked out better get on it.

Wear something that MEANS something.




V.V the Mad Hatter!

booyah2I collect everything vintage, but one thing that hits home are my hats.

here are some from my collection.




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