Bombshell Bettie!

A few weeks ago I was asked to model alongside the gorgeous @Annaleebelle for my favorite salon called Bombshell, here in Las Vegas. It’s my happy place where I get to relax and pamper myself. I specifically go there for my hair cuts, color, and I also love their facials. They are the absolute best and the decor in the salon has the most awesome retro vibe! For this shoot, they did my hair and makeup. Normally, I don’t really let people do my makeup or really style my hair for shoots but knew I could put 100% of my trust in them to turn me into a total babe and they did! Bridget gave me the best 1960s hair and Melissa (CEO of Bombshell) did an amazing job with my makeup! I felt like Barbie! As if it couldn’t get any bette, I got to shoot with Radiant Inc. Their team is one of the best in the biz and I am always in awe of their incredible photos. We shot at Ricks Restorations with the most gorgeous cars (Thank you @vintagewheelslasvegas!) and I was glad the outfits I styled myself in totally matched the cars we shot with. We had a blast and It was so much fun modeling with Annalee! She looked amazing and I am glad we got shots of us together. Take a look at the cool photos inside! Read More


Lets talk hosiery.

How many of you have a ridiculously hard time finding the right pantyhose that actually matches your skin tone and fits you properly? I am raising my hand hard right now because pantyhose is usually a nightmare to look for. I used to buy Leg Avenue all the time but found that most of their back seam hosiery just didn’t match my skin and always made my legs look a lot lighter than they were or much too dark if I went with darker shades. This Halloween, I really really needed the perfect tan fishnet or sheer pantyhose to wear with my latex body suit because hellooooo cellulite! Not that I really care but its nice to have pantyhose give you a nice little cinch and lift if you get my drift haha. After searching and searching, most pantyhose I found had that weird shorts shadow line right by the crotch area which looks HELLA tacky with a damn body suit. As you can imagine, I was frustrated. Fishnets were apparently my only option but I then had a hard time finding my exact shade.

After a few days, I decided to check the Secrets in Lace online shop where I discovered the absolute best pantyhose that 1. Came in a variety of shades (including my shade! wee!) 2. Fit comfortably 3. had no weird short looking lines 4. Were high quality. They were perfect so I snagged myself a pair of fishnets AND a sheer pair, both of which were exceptionally amazing. Because I wore hosiery, I was able to wear my costume comfortably a few days ago when I entered a costume contest and was put on stage (WELP). If you need hosiery now that the weather is getting cooler, check out all of the cool pantyhose that SIL offers! See images inside. Read More

Hot Rod Honey!

This year has been all about embracing my inner bad girl and what better way to celebrate being a fierce little force of nature than to strut my stuff in Vixen by Micheline Pitt. I am obsessed with her Vixen tops and pencil skirts! Her dresses and bad girl tops are amazing too! These days, my closet is exploding with dresses, so its nice to dive into separates. The other day whilst shopping downtown, I was feeling a bit frisky. And since I dress according to my mood, I wore my new hot pink Vixen top and frisky fetish skirt. I love love love this outfit and was glad I paired it with a few of my favorite accessories like my acorn beret, Bow & Cross Bones bangles, Vixen hoops, Vintage glasses, and Christian Louboutin purse. My shoes were, of course, by pleaser. They are my favorite mules and I wear them with almost every one of my outfits.

I just love how comfortable the Vixen tops fit! As someone who has such sensitive skin that I have to be careful of wearing harsh fabrics, I am relieved Micheline created the perfect soft and sexy top. It doesn’t suffocate my T-rex arms lol. I also love how her pencil skirts fit my figure like a dream! They are lined in the softest silky material so I don’t feel contracted and can actually walk haha. This one has the perfect fetish print. It totally suits me haha ;). It was the perfect outfit for the perfect shopping day and a great excuse to wear hot pink lipstick haha. Stay tuned, I have a lot more Vixen pieces I will be reviewing over the next few weeks. They are all so amazing!

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Batter Up Baby Doll

Lars Kommienezuspadt knows exactly how to make me feel like a phoenix rising from it’s ashes and he knows how to capture my emotions in the mix (You can feel my energy in these images). I can’t tell you how important it is to work with people who just “get you”. This is why I am selective about the photographers I collaborate with.

We never miss a beat. Every single shoot we have done have been some of my best shoots. Every vision we think of, we create, seamlessly. For this shoot, I took inspiration from one of my favorite comic book characters, Veronica Lodge of Archie Comics. I wanted to be the bad girl version of Ronnie (even though she was never really an angel lol). Since I happen to resemble Veronica, I decided to do my own take on Ronnie’s character (The one who leaves Archie for Reggie 😉 ) in a custom Latex jacket and thong by the amazing Lady Lucie Latex. I had the varsity jacket stamped with a “V” which initially stands for Vintage Vandal but could stand for Veronica Lodge as well. I have to be honest, it was nerve wrecking (and out of my comfort zone) to be topless with just a jacket, thong, and heels but I had just went through a horrible breakup and ultimately ended up giving no fucks. I’m glad no fucks were given because the outfit was incredible. To compliment the style of the varsity outfit, I felt it was only right to pose on a High School baseball field (Don’t worry, school was closed and no kids were present) with a vintage baseball bat, you know, the one I chased Archie with ;P. Just kidding. But yeah, he’s buried under the bleachers. To add another element to this shoot, I also posed with a vintage car (Thank you Bobbi Jo!). Needless to say, the shoot was a grand slam and I can cross this idea off of my bucket list!

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Latin Satin

(Image by Shannon Brooke for Pinup Couture shoes. Wearing Secrets in Lace lingerie set)

Ya’ll already know how much I love Secrets in Lace. I wear one of their pieces at least 4-5 times a week, be it a bra, garter, stockings, or my favorite…Their stretch satin high waisted thongs. I literally have them in every color and wear them almost every day in a variety of colors. It is so hard to find 80’s style high waisted thongs with a modern fit. They rest perfectly on my waist to accentuate my curvy shape. Not to mention, they also keep my baby gut in check when I have had way too many tacos lolol.

In the image above, for Pinup Couture shoes, I wore a Secrets in Lace set. Its my favorite set they have ever made and you can see how awesome their thongs lay on my waist. In this post, I also have other images of the other colors I have sported in the past month. I can’t help it, I love them! Read More

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