The VLV Car Show


It was the day of the VLV Car Show and I was ready to see all of the amazing classic cars and shop at the cool vendors. It was scorching hot so I may have chosen the wrong outfit as I was practically dying all day haha. However, It was certainly one of my favorite outfits of Viva. I wore a vintage 1960s floral print dress with a matching vintage straw hat, my Christian Lacroix lace up heels, my favorite vintage cat eye glasses, and an adorable wicker pig purse my friend gifted me from Mexico. It was such a fun outfit despite it being so hot outside haha. Since I was exhausted from the day before I decided to do a quick happy pompadour hair style that worked well with the hat. It was a really awesome day at the Car Show with my mom, sister, and my friends Janelle and Rhiannon. I also got to meet many of you so that was a major plus!  The cars were incredible. I wish I could include all of the images we shot of the cars but then this would be a ridiculously long post and I try not to do those anymore haha. I had to separate this post into two so I will be posting my evening outfit in my next post. In the meantime, checkout all of the awesome photos we took of our day! Read More

Golden girl

Vivien of Holloway has become one of my absolute favorite retro brands for their gorgeous dresses and separates. I get a thrill every time I add one of their pieces to my wardrobe like this gorgeous gold leaf printed halter sarong dress with the matching Bolero. Not only is it sexy but its comfortable too! I love dresses that have matching boleros because I have lots of keloid scars on my back. Most of the time I don’t mind having them seen but its nice to have an option for the days I don’t feel so hot. However, I don’t think its even possible to feel “not so hot” in a dress like this. I mean, its gorgeous! I felt fabulous! I love that sarong dresses don’t exactly suffocate your hips as much as wiggle dresses do but you still get that hourglass shape. I wish I could buy them all as this VOH dress comes in a variety of colors and patterns but least I got my hands on this one! I wore it while shopping the other day before having drinks with my friends at Frankie’s Tiki Bar. I kept my accessories simple since the dress has a busy pattern so I just wore my patent black mules, vintage gold hoop earrings, some bamboo bangles, a wicker clutch, and a cute vintage pineapple brooch. I was in my element! Read More

Roses are red..

I discovered The Pretty Dress Company last year and have been enamored with their gorgeous dresses ever since. Their elegant selection of dresses are enough to make any woman swoon (guys too, apparently!). I especially love that their dresses compliment the silhouettes of curvy girls like myself. I swear, I haven’t seen their dresses look bad on any shape or size. Go on, just take a look at their instagram @theprettydress. You will see tons of great images from all of their customers who are all shapes and sizes.

I recently got my hands on a few of their dresses and nearly fainted when I got them in the mail. The ever-so-enchanting Fatale Cream Pencil Skirt dress I am wearing here at Green Valley Ranch is my absolute favorite (it was hard to choose though!). It’s a romantic piece and certainly a wonderful part of my dress collection. I now feel like I need it in black in both the pencil fit and the circle skirt style. I have to also rave about the high quality of their fabrics and design. Lord only knows I hate when companies dress up faulty products you end up being disappointed with once you get it in the mail. I can assure you that you get exactly what you pay for with Pretty Dress; high quality gorgeous dresses. I wore this stunning dress all day and was super comfortable and I can’t tell you how amazing it made me feel just wearing it. I love it when clothing has that effect on people.

It was an easy dress to accessorize despite being a show stopper. Sometimes an extravagant piece can be hard to style around but this one was fun. I created my own floral arrangement with bobby pins to match the roses on the dress, wore pearl earrings and bangles, and my candy apple red Christian Louboutin shoes. My clutch was also adorned with pearls but I forgot to take a photo of it.

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See Spot Run


It was the first day of Viva but I still had so much to show my family before the VLV festivities began. Our first stop was Town Square to visit The Dog House, a pet shop my sister and I are obsessed with. My sister is a new dog mom to her cute little Harlow, a 6 month year old Shih Tzu, and as most of you already know..I have a 14-year-old Yorkie named Rex. We are dog ladies so The Dog House is always fun to visit. They have tons of cute dog clothes, gourmet treats & eats, and other fancy things for our cute canine buddies. Coincidentally, my outfit seemed to match the theme of our day. I wore an awesome blue vintage gingham 2 piece coat and dress set I got at Exile Boutique here in Las Vegas. The coat lining is candy apple red so I wore my red Christian Louboutin Maryl heels to match and a red lip because duh! I took the belt of the coat and used it as a cute hair tie and kept my jewelry simple with vintage red confetti clip on earrings and some vintage sunnies. The icing on the cake was my Kate Spade wicker Dalmatian bag I wore that I paired with my Erst Wilder Dalmatian brooch my sister gifted me from D&J Vintage. It was one of those perfect outfits and gosh it was so comfortable too! My sister also had a fun outfit. She sported a fluffy tutu with a black top and a cropped leather jacket for some edge. To accessorize she wore a cute headband, her pink Furla purse, and her new Schutz shoes. Our family loves fashion, even my mom dresses up!

It was a really fun day of exploring the shops of Town Square and we somehow still ended up at Viva where I got to rummage through the vendor booths for awesome vintage treasures and got to see so many of my friends and meet so many of you! Read More

Groovy baby


It was that time again..Viva Las Vegas. Only, this time was a little different. My sister came and got to see what VLV was all about and I was so happy to have shared that experience with her and see it inspire her like it inspired me 8 years ago. I was complete again. My mom and sister were with me and I couldn’t have been happier.

But before all of that jazz. I decided to take my mother and sister to one of my favorite spots in Las Vegas, The Green Valley Ranch pool. It was a great way to relax before all of the VLV festivities. It was also the perfect day to debut one of my reworked vintage designs. This psychedelic printed three-piece was once a frumpy 2 piece set in a size 16 (I am a size 2/4!). I saw it, recognized the potential, took one of my old patterns I created years ago and had my seamstress turn it into a crop top and high-waisted palazzo pants with a matching turban that was made out of the left over fabric. I have to admit, I was afraid to wear it because this is something I want to design in the future. Hopefully no one will steal the design but if there is anything I have learned its that most designers have no loyalty to anyone. But hey, innovators never run out of ideas and Ive got plenty. So regardless, I wasn’t going to let this one rot away in my closet like most of my other designs I am afraid of wearing.

I want to start a clothing line. I have to start small. However, every time I get those gears turning I somehow get stuck. I can’t explain it. I feel like I’m paralyzed. The result is that I end up putting it off because I somehow convince myself that “maybe I am just not ready”. But who is ever really ready? If not now than when? I hope I am able to fully commit to this goal now that I am settled into my new place. This is why I haven’t posted in a while. Moving is a motherfucker and takes up so much of your time and energy. Now its time to focus on my other goals. If you guys have any tips on keeping the motivation alive, I am all ears. Though most of you treat me like I am a teacher, I am most certainly still the student and always willing to learn. Read More

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