Be my Valentine?

Valentines Day is right around the corner and through I don’t always have a Valentine, its one of my favorite Holidays! I get so excited when I rummage through the Target dollar aisles flooded with pink and red colored hearts and trinkets! I used to feel blue about it but started utilizing Valentines Day to treat myself to whatever I wanted at the time (which is like any other day haha). I also cannot resist buying lingerie, even if I am not wearing it for anyone other than myself! This time around I did just that. I got myself another Secrets in Lace set! This one was just too good to be kept hidden away in my lingerie dresser so I decided to do an elegant shoot in it. I mean, why hide it away just because I don’t have a Valentine haha?

Anyway, as you can see from my past SIL posts, I love their plunge bras. This one is called the Speakeasy Plunge Bra in white and I pretty much have this style in like 4 colors. I love the transparent panels on the bust that you can hide for a peek-a-boo effect or utilize to keep the girls in place ;). Of course I had to get the matching garter belt and Satin Thong too haha. Love that this garter has 6 straps. It helps me keep my stockings up all day. As for the SIL Satin Thongs, I wear them religiously because they are high-waisted and don’t cut into my hips. SIL makes them in black, tan, white, pink, red, and leopard (I feel guilty that I have them all lol).

The best thing about SIL is that you can create an entire set from head to toe. They have an amazing selection of nylons and other accessories that go perfectly with each set. Here, I am wearing their Glimmer Reinforced heel & Toe stockings and I love the gold sheen they have to them. They go so perfectly with this set! For the extra drama, I also wore my vintage 1940s dressing gown, costume jewelry, and lucite springolators. Ya’ll know I am extra lolol.

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Dressed to the nines.

A few weeks ago I channeled my inner Marlene Dietrich in a plaid suit. It was one of those perfect outfit days where everything came out exactly how I imagined. It’s rare that I have days where my outfit, hair, and makeup behave. There is always something haha! On this day, I was ON POINT. I wore a plaid pencil skirt with a matching capelet, a burgundy turtleneck body suit, a burgundy beret, my black Kate Spade purse, and some black mules. For my jewelry, I kept it simple with some gold stud earrings, a poodle brooch, and my Buffalo Exchange 1940s inspired sunnies. It’s the perfect Fall outfit since Vegas Winters don’t get TOO cold haha.

I have to say that this outfit will go down as one of my favorite looks EVER. I love being able to imagine a look and bring it to life with my wardrobe. Its fun and a challenge for me every single morning and something I truly enjoy. I think for most people, dressing up seems like a mission. For me, its how I express my creativity. So many people are consumed with trends and what society thinks is cool, so they just go along with the crowd. I think that state of mind is so limiting. No one should dictate whats in or out of fashion and no one should make you feel uncomfortable if you want to dress up! I’m 100% all for freedom of expression and people wearing whatever they want. I live by this. ❤

Anyway! On this day, my friend Daniel and I, visited our friends Mike and Jade who have a beautiful Mid-Century home and the most adorable Scotty named Angus! I have to say, he is quite the model (he’s better than me! lolol).  I took him out for a walk and it turned out we had matching outfits ;).  Read More

Cats & Curves

I live for lingerie. I practically wear it every day. It makes me feel sexy. There’s this misconception that women only wear lingerie for men. That’s not true! I am almost always single and wear my lingerie anyway! I like dressing up in my every day life so why wouldn’t I dress up when I am at home too? Gimme all the robes, silky nightgowns, baby dolls, and frilly panties. The thought of it all makes me want to shop at all of my favorite lingerie shops like Secrets in Lace. I know I talk about them all the time but come on…I mean, look at this awesome set & stockings I am wearing in these photos! I’m wearing the Satin Speakeasy Plunge bra, Tiffany open bottom girdle, Satin high-waist thong, and the Anya Outline Heel full fashioned stockings. This set is classic black but still such a statement piece. And I love how SIL is a one stop shop for an entire lingerie outfit. I had to shoot in it the second I received my package.

For this shoot, I wanted to do another 60s style lingerie shoot in it so of course I called up my buddy Daniel and we made it happen. This shoot was extra special because his cute cat Jasmin (Yeah we have the same name lol!) photobombed our photos lolol. Ironically they were my favorite photos of the bunch! Jasmin was quite the model and did a great job looking adorable in the shoot. See images inside! Read More


Shadaloo Cammy

When I was a kid, I was a hardcore gamer. My mother thought it she was cursed having a kid who was glued to the tv playing video games rather than playing with other kids, but this was my escape. Video Games have always been therapy for me, even now as a grown ass adult. It helps me get my mind off of things and escape to all of these alternate universes that I can just do whatever I want in (Can you tell I love RPG’s?). I went a few years without playing because life got in the way but I still kept all of my old systems. So these days with a little more me-time, I have been diving back into the past and playing tons of my old games. One of my favorites was Street Fighter so for Halloween this year I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite characters, Killer Bee Cammy! Back when I was a kid, I toggled between her and Chun-Li because they were the only two female characters in SF during that time (Or the only two I remember). I was a low-key feminist even as a child because I always wanted to play the women. They were just so incredibly inspiring to me. I wanted to be that strong. I wanted to be that brave. This is why having women leads in video games is so important.

Anyway, I have always wanted to dress up as Cammy for Halloween or a comic convention and thanks to Lady Lucie Latex I was able to bring my vision to life. This Halloween, I went above and beyond and decided to be Shadaloo Cammy because I felt it was too easy to just throw on a green body suit and combat boots (Her original get-up). I worked with Lucie to get the latex pieces as close to the original Shadaloo outfit as possible and thankfully the bodysuit is something she already offered on her site. For the hat she covered one of my vintage hats in latex which made my life so much easier since I would have to source another hat and hope it matched. She also created the base of the gauntlets for me which was fingerless long gloves I could attach my armor to. Lucie is AMAZING. She even shipped everything just in time for Halloween. The outfit ended up turning out exactly how I had visioned and though I wish I had more time to create some shoulder and boot armor to make the costume exact, I just settled for doing it my own way. I was only able to create my gauntlets (which was an unnecessary headache haha). After my costume was finished, I then ran over to Savers and grabbed me a long blond wig (I am not a cute blond btw lol) and a cheap cape I could wear out in public since my booty kept stopping traffic lol.

The costume was so epic, I did a fun shoot in it at Battlefield Vegas. This place is beaming with awesome Military planes, tanks, and etc. The best part is that the staff is friendly and they welcome people to take as many pictures as they like. We kinda stumbled upon it by accident as we were looking for an industrial area to shoot (hello miracle!). So happy I get to document it here, thanks to my friend Daniel! I love these images!

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Flower bomb

If romance was a dress it would be the Loretta dress by The Pretty Dress Company. This is hands-down one of the prettiest dresses I own and I was happy to wear it just a few weeks ago at the beautiful Montelago Village for lunch with friends. It has a gorgeous floral print with the most glamorous sheer sleeves. I love black floral prints. The print on this is so good, it camoflaged so well with my flowers! I also want to mention its lined and super comfortable. I love that PDC creates dresses that are both fashionable and functional because there is nothing worse than wearing a gorgeous dress you feel super uncomfortable in. This one also has a little stretch so my curves can move freely. Since the dress is such a statement piece, I paired it with some vintage/vintage style accessories. My jewelry and purse are vintage and my hair flower is from Nic Coco Creations. As for my shoes, I wore the most perfect springolators by Long Gone Shoes. They are black satin with a cute jewel toe design. See images inside! Read More

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