My “Pinup Style” Class in NYC!

img_3915Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Lucy La Riot and Renee of Slapback NYC to teach my very first official class in Brooklyn, New York. After nearly two months of crippling anxiety from being completely nervous no one would show up, I was happy to see a SOLD-OUT class full of babes from all over the world. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy to have met each and every one of them to personally thank them for supporting me and following me on my journey. It was a 3 hour class jam-packed with lessons on hair, makeup, and style followed by an awesome shopping experience at the Slapback shop where my girls got to put their lessons to use by adding great retro pieces to their Fall wardrobe. My students were greeted at the Slapback shop with awesome gift bags full of great pieces and discounts from my favorite fashion and beauty brands. It was a HUGE success despite my anticipating some crazy disaster haha. My models were on point and on time (Love you guys!), my lesson lasted just a little over 3 hours, and my presentation was a success. Primer Impacto even stopped by to film my class (so exciting!) and conducted a cute interview with me and my models for Univision!

One thing I noticed the most wasn’t how impacted my students were by the beauty and fashion segment but how moved they were by my teaching them how to FEEL beautiful which I think is the most important part of teaching these classes. We are often told we have to work towards being beautiful by wearing makeup and dressing a certain way but not really told that these things just accentuate the beauty we already have. Sure I can teach hair, makeup, style, blah blah blah but I love also being able to motivate and inspire women to be their best versions of themselves and I hope that I achieved that. It was an amazing experience and I think another class is in my future so if any of you have any ideas on where my next class should be, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section.😉 Read More

Road-Trippin like Thelma & Louise for Suavecita!

13442303_1183509751711958_7761460350712931553_n A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of doing the coolest road trip shoot for Suavecita with my partner-in-crime, Miss Thalia Castillo. It was one of the best experiences I have had all year because every person that was a part of the shoot was so awesome. The only hiccup we had was the weather earlier that day that completely ruined my Bettie Page waves, but we did our best to make it work. Luckily we had enough Suavecita products to change my hair into something else! It was a savior! Anyway, we drove from Santa Ana to the Joshua Tree and it was so much fun to see this side of California. I like small and quaint towns with old saloons and antique shops. We got to see and hang out at a few that I want to go back to when I get the chance. Hanging out with the Suavecita crew was inspiring because of the bond they all share. They are a very genuine and family oriented business truly dedicated to bringing high quality hair/makeup products and apparel to the world whilst spreading awareness of their beautiful Mexican culture. I LOVE their lipsticks, their tees, and their hair products. How else do you think I am able to hide my bangs when I do? It didn’t really seem like work to model for them because Thalia and I had so much fun rocking the new lip colors and hair products. It was also fun to pose with and drive the amazing classic cars. I loved spending time with Thalia because we have always adored each other. She’s one of the more underrated pinups out there with style to DIE for. You guys NEED to follow her (@D_rose_). She’s also a boss lady in the beauty biz who is constantly on her grind. It made sense that we were chosen to cause trouble together at the Joshua Tree. We were the perfect dynamic duo! See images of our adventure inside! Read More

Hitchhiking in heels.

The Pretty Dress Company has become one of my top 5 favorite brands to buy dresses from. The quality, fit, and styles are drool-worthy and their dresses make me feel amazing when I wear them. I know many people have a little bit of an issue with the prices but I can promise you that you get exactly what you pay for-A high quality well structured gorgeous fitting dress that will last a long time. There are so many companies out their charging an arm and leg for dresses that don’t even come close to the quality and fit of Pretty Dress Company. I happen to have this silhouette in 4 different prints (Have you guys seen my last TPDC post?) and can honestly say they are some of the best pieces in my wardrobe. I also have the circle skirt version of this dress in a powder blue that I absolutely cannot wait to wear before it gets too cold. Until then, I want to bask in the glory of this Fatale Hot Pink Lux crepe pencil dress. This gorgeous pink color gives me life! I love that I can pair it with my vintage leopard faux fur stole, Legacy Works silver hoop earrings, pink Polaroid cat eye sunglasses, and patent leather accessories for a Barbie feel. I also wore a vintage lucite pink bangle I bought at Savers for $2. Though I love me some Barbie, I was really inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli when I accessorized this dress. I happen to have a vintage hat box that caught my eye while getting dressed that inspired me to contrast with black! And well, the leopard came later when I realized leopard and hot pink are the perfect combo. The color looks different from the images on the site because there is a vintage Vsco filter on these images. It’s not as hot pink as you see here. I also wore my vintage Schiaparelli hat box as a purse because you know I live for fashion-drama. Added one of my vintage pink suitcases for an outfit post and voila! Special thanks to my friend Daniel for capturing my outfits so beautifully! He just gets me!

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How to achieve the perfect pinup look!

prada-ss-2012-natasha-poly-elise-crombez-by-steven-meisel-casdir-ashley-brokawThe 1950s reigns supreme as one of the most glamorous era’s of our time. Both men and women were always dressed to the nines and there was never a need for an occasion. Women wore hats and gloves and bags that matched their shoes and dresses. They even had fashionable undergarments and stockings to match. Men wore suits and embraced bow ties, tie bars, and lapels. Women pin curled their hair and men were clean-shaven with their neatly greased pompadours. Everyone looked sharp so it’s no surprise why this era continues to inspire people today.

One of the most common questions I receive as someone who also embraces 1950s fashion is: How do I pull off the pinup look?

Most women think it’s a truly difficult task to look like a 1950s pinup but it’s actually pretty simple. You do not have to wear vintage to achieve the perfect pinup look. There are tons of modern-day clothing that fit the mold of 50s fashion. You can even make a modern outfit look retro with the right accessories. It’s all about being creative and not overthinking it. For example: a pencil skirt that is high-waisted is the perfect pinup staple. Anything high-waisted is perfect for a pinup look so this means, skirts, jeans, shorts, and etc. It automatically gives you a 50s look instantly and since it’s trending right now, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding items that cinch at the waist to give you that hourglass shape.

But lets start from scratch here. I am going to give you a simple guide that I use to achieving the perfect pinup look..

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My favorite Retro Pants & Capris!


I always get messages and comments from you dolls on where to find retro style pants and capris for curvy shapes and now I am here to deliver! The great thing about the styles I am about to show you is that they work with ALL body types! I know it’s just harder for the curvier girls to find vintage pants that fit so I had to make it my duty to show you all some of MY favorites since Fall and Winter are just around the corner! Read More

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