No Church in the Wild

I imagine it’s no surprise that you all know I have a serious hat obsession. My collection is growing rapidly and the more I experiment with different styles, the more of an expert I become in buying styles that look great on me. You have to do that with hats because not all of them will work for your face or style. One brand that never lets me down is Stetson. I have been buying Stetson hats since I started shopping in vintage stores back when I was a teen. I had no idea that many of my vintage hats were by Stetson until a few years later. Turns out this Brand has been around since 1865 when it was founded by John B. Stetson! Crazy huh? Well, they are still slingin incredible high quality hats. This particular style is called Tri-City and the color is Caribou gray. The one I am wearing has a custom gun pin that was gifted to me with the hat (Thank you, I adore you Claudia!). I feel really fortunate to wear such an exquisitely designed hat that suits my style perfectly. It works with my western looks seamlessly.

A few weeks ago, on a hike with one of my best friends..I wore my new Stetson with a jacket I found at Savers a few months ago for about $7. It was a size XXL when I found it and I had it tailored to fit me. It’s amazing how a simple article of clothing can change when you see the potential of a piece and execute the vision perfectly. Now its my new favorite vintage jacket. The colors play well with the gray and burgundy of my Stetson hat. It was cold that day so I added a vintage fur collar to it. The rest of my outfit was pretty simple. My jeans are Bernie Dexter and I wore some thigh high boots I found on Ebay. My earrings and sweater are from Buffalo Exchange. Love this outfit and LOVE these images my friend Daniel shot. So thankful for him and the fact that he always has his camera with him when we chill!

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Groove is in the heart.

I was feeling pretty groovy in my new Pretty Dress Company dress a few weeks ago for lunch with friends. So much that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document my outfit against the graffiti adorned walls of Downtown, Las Vegas. This is definitely one of my favorite 1960s looks I’ve pulled off this year so far. I was in my element with a pink scarf tied around my head like a headband, my faux Priscilla Presley hair, Liz Taylor silver hoop earrings, my vintage bangles, Polaroid sunnies, Patricia Field Clutch, and my black Pleaser mules. Sounds like a lot but this was a pretty easy outfit to accessorize because the dress basically did it all. I mean, look at this bell sleeves and the wiggle fit! Of course I had to do a unconventional neon 60s cat eye. Wish I had a closeup! Anyway, hope you guys love the outfit as much as I do! ❤ Read More

Classic Specs.

I’m a sucker for classic Ray-Ban sunglasses so I was excited when I found the Clubmaster style in tortoise and gold recently while online shopping. They match my vintage tortoise earrings perfectly. I have these in black so its nice to have a lighter style I can wear with my western-ish looks. I love that all of the Ray-Bans have their signature etched lightly on one of the lenses to prove authenticity, come with a classic leather case, and also have a cleaning cloth as I always manage to get my lenses dirty and that’s such a pet peeve of mine! Yesterday I finally got to wear them and it was perfect for my casual look. It was even great for driving home in a crazy Vegas sunset (Only Vegas folk will understand how annoying it is to have the sun rays beaming through your windows, blinding you on the highway lol). In Las Vegas, it’s crucial that we always have sunscreen and sunnies on deck. These sunnies are my new favorites! Now I just need a good sunscreen ;). Read More

Gingham Cowgirl!

It’s not a surprise that The Pretty Dress Company makes some of my favorite dresses. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a closet full of their gorgeous pieces. I seriously cannot get enough and have been DYING to get my hands on this gingham style for a while and finally was able to add it to my wardrobe! I am a sucker for gingham prints, cliché I know, but I can’t get enough of it. I think PDC has a good eye for unique prints that make their dresses even more irresistible. The quality of their dresses is also impressive and really match their price point. These styles are built strong and fit the female form beautifully.

I wore the Fatale Gingham dress while adventuring around town with a friend and it was so fun and comfortable! It is listed as a prom dress on the site but as you can see, I turned it into a casual sundress. I paired it with my cheap cowgirl hat I bought on eBay, my pleaser mules, my Rosita Bonita horse shoe earrings, and a purse I found at Buffalo Exchange. It was such a fun outfit and I am glad I found the perfect location to get a few shots in; a faux farm at the Clark County Museum! If you haven’t noticed, I spend a lot of time here haha. Read More

Gimme all of the flamingos!

I am absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous Flamingo print. I have seen it on pinterest/tumblr as wallpaper for years and was completely floored when I saw Sarsparilly had a dress in thee exact print. Sarsparilly has a great selection of dresses with the most fun prints! This was my favorite silhouette so I asked them if they could do it in the flamingo print and thankfully they were able to and even ended up calling it the Jasmin dress! I adore them and will definitely snag more dresses from them soon. You guys have to check out their online shop to see all of the other styles they have. So cute!

I was so excited to wear the Jasmin dress while I was out with my friend Bobi venturing around Clark County Museum and Boulder City and glad we were able to take photos. I was so excited that my new flamingo Kate Spade bag matched the dress perfectly. I also accessorized with a cute vintage hat, a matching belt, vintage leucite jewelry, some sunnies I bought at Buffalo Exchange, and my nude patent leather Christian louboutin shoes. This is seriously one of my favorite outfits to date!

Love the Jasmin dress? Take 10% off with my code: VINTAGEV10

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