Evil accessories.

I have a spike fetish or something, for forever Ive always been ADDICTED to anything with spikes on it.

gfffg(Manslaughter by MISHKA 08′. My girl Valissa Yoe designed the dress.. sold at LOVEBRIGADE)

Check out these gloves I just bought from Patricia Fields.

dsc00431dsc004321I received this amazing ring for Xmas from my friend Soraya. I love it!


I wish I could afford getting these amazing Rodarte shoes..

bqcdaaaaawodanbnaaaabc5vdxqkfmd0rhbnegwwm1jhbetzmm9pofyzweeaaaacawqkawuaaaaec2l6zq……but I cant…

until then….Here’s what Ive got.

Some of my Avant Garde Collection-

My man Killers.









dsc00441Some need a cleaning..I’ve decided I’m going to sell all of my shoes for one pair of Rodarte shoes.:)

sike. one day day.



My new Juke box!

So I came home tonight after dinner at Burger King..Yes, Burger King is a very luxurious place…lol;) I love it!

OK so.. I came home and on the floor was the most beautiful 15 inch jukebox!. My mother is the most amazing woman in the world, she always gets me the most amazing things.


My dad had his friend make me a custom neon sign for my 16th birthday 6 years ago, it goes perfect with it.

tgtttNow all I need is a brand new apartment.:)


G.Rice for girls who arent….


My girl Jessica Tong makes these bad ass necklaces. I used some of mine for the Kid Robot shoot I did with Tilt. Want to get your hands on one of these bad girls?


Or visit her blog at G.Rice Army.

What “Vintage Vandalizm” means..

For those who don’t know, this is exactly how I got my name..

Vintage. Growing up, I watched all the kids come to school with their expensive gear and follow their fancy trends. My mother gave me the world, but I didn’t have the luxury all the time to buy expensive things. I discovered the salvation army when I started High School, I would get $50 from my mother and leave the SA with up to ten pieces of clothing and accessories. I became addicted, and eventually created my own style and became a collector of anything and everything old and new. I was very quiet but fashionably loud, and SA separated me from the norm, I always had rare items of clothing, Still do..My closets exploding.

Vandalizm. My mother worked for Meryll Lynch at one point and when they went out of business, they gave my mother boxes of Chartpak markers, paint and etc. At the time I was going to Art & Design High School for Fashion design, I mixed my knowledge of comic illustration with my designs. So while kids were tagging the walls, painting and sketching on desks, I decided I wanted to be my own advertisement for my art. One day I took a blazer I bought from SA and decided to put my chartpak markers to use. I painted a girl holding a rose on the back of my blazer. From this one blazer, I started making money on the side, Started buying more blazers, started doing tees and sneakers, and created a little living for myself. I remember making a blazer for this guy I met on the train, He wanted the “Guns & Roses” theme. I gave him his blazer and he said “Its awesome, Like Vintage Vandalism or something”. THAT’S whats sparked a light bulb. Vandalizm doesn’t always mean it has to be Graffiti, “names” and “words”, if it’s not on paper, It’s still vandalizm to me. I’ve experimented here and there with Graffiti, might throw a little of it in my paintings, I am FULLY capable of doing it, but quite frankly..It’s just not my passion. I am not/nor have I ever claimed to be a graffiti artist. I’ve done it for fun with my boys, modeled for Graffiti Artists here and there, but I never did graffiti consistently. I’m not bashing anyone for being a part of it, I think its beautiful, It’s just not what inspires me. I’m a VERY creative person, I like to draw/paint , powerful, amazing, eye-catching women, and that’s my forte. Feminism inspires me. “Vintage Vandalizm” was going to be the name of my clothing line one day because I wanted to revive and restore and even paint on vintage pieces to be resold…but I fell out of love with fashion design and realized Art was just more of a hobby than a job for me. Ive pretty much tried it all. I’m an ARTIST, doesn’t matter what you do, art cannot be measured. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no opinion about art can ever be a fact.

I’m a very creative person, and I will continue to be artistic in ALL aspects of art.

I hope that this answers any un-asked questions.


Vintage Finds before my trip!

So today I had errands to run before my trip, I decided to head to the Salvation Army with my sister. I haven’t been there in about 4 months now and my visit was long over due. SA used to be my favorite place, now they just don’t ever have anything, Its like everyone found out that this place had buried treasure.. I usually leave there with something, but it’s always good when I leave with something extra special. Today I got 3 very special pieces. A dress coat, top, and an Oriental silk pencil dress.

The dress needs some work, the zipper is old and so are the snaps, a lot of them are missing, but hey..for $5 I’d pay anything to restore it.


This dress coat is awesome, It’s definitely from the 80’s, everything is still in tact. $20
dsc00389dsc00387Louis Veroad top, I love that It has a tux feel to it with the buttons.$9


I got a few more things like some Replay cropped jeans and an Indian waist belt. It felt good to get back into a hobby that once made me happy.

no more blogging till next week.

Au revoir 😉


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