Vintage Finds before my trip!

So today I had errands to run before my trip, I decided to head to the Salvation Army with my sister. I haven’t been there in about 4 months now and my visit was long over due. SA used to be my favorite place, now they just don’t ever have anything, Its like everyone found out that this place had buried treasure.. I usually leave there with something, but it’s always good when I leave with something extra special. Today I got 3 very special pieces. A dress coat, top, and an Oriental silk pencil dress.

The dress needs some work, the zipper is old and so are the snaps, a lot of them are missing, but hey..for $5 I’d pay anything to restore it.


This dress coat is awesome, It’s definitely from the 80’s, everything is still in tact. $20
dsc00389dsc00387Louis Veroad top, I love that It has a tux feel to it with the buttons.$9


I got a few more things like some Replay cropped jeans and an Indian waist belt. It felt good to get back into a hobby that once made me happy.

no more blogging till next week.

Au revoir ūüėČ



Costumes I’ve made.

Here are some costumes I’ve made over the years.

Cleopatra. 06′


Mad Hatter. 07′1717171
1414Show girl. 08′

What will it be this year?


My name by Graffiti Artist TILT!


I ADORE him. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Check it out sometime.


V-day goodies!

This valentine’s I went to a party at Dangerous Mathematicians, ate cupcakes with my friend J, received my FAVORITE movie from one of my FAVORITE people, danced the night away with friends, and bought myself a cute little Betsey Johnson jacket to match a dress I already owned of hers. Check it out.

This necklace is from DM, compliments of Karen P., the Creator and designer of Dangerous Mathematics. I have this necklace in gold as well from DM, but I was so excited when I went to her shop and saw the necklace in silver with matching earrings. If you want to see more of her jewelry go to

Who doesn’t love shoes on a necklace?

dsc00365This is my favorite movie, from someone very special to me. I think I’ve watched it 4 times since then.

dsc00367This is the amazing BJ jacket I got at Buffalo Exchange a little before

dsc00370dsc00369these pictures don’t do the jacket justice, its pretty awesome.

Last but not least, here are pictures from my night out with the ladies.

I wore a red “stop staring” dress w/ my candy apple D&G shoes. I love this dress because Its comfortable and fits well.

dsc00322dsc00343dsc00327dsc00354My Valentine’s wasn’t so bad after all, thanks to all of my friends, and that very special person.


V.V’s Mini Top hats!

I’ve been dying to create my own top hats for sometime now and the other day I went into an art shop here in Queens and stumbled upon some plain black hats. They aren’t as big as the normal hats that I buy but they are quite cute. My plan was to make one for Valentine’s day, I guess I got carried away. Enjoy! :).



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