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dtymademe1DTY is a blog for women by women. The Dty girls talk about everything, so If you want to read about the art world, fashion world, and the REAL world, this is the perfect blog to follow. There is nothing better than women who keep it REAL.

DTY recently viewed my KidRobot shoot on their blog, click here to see it.

Thank you and…xoxo ladies!


Chainsaws & Jelly!

cj-logo-1This has been a really amazing week. Sheena She, writer of “Chainsaws & Jelly” posted me up on her site as “Creepy” girl of the month (not literally creepy lol). Every month she picks one girl that stands out from the norm and writes a paragraph about what she likes about them. Thank you Sheena for enjoying my blogs, believing in me, and having one of the most interesting blogs Ive ever read.

To see the story Click here.


KIDROBOT/GRAFFITILT summer look book.


Ok, so I’ve been talking about this Kid Robot shoot for forever now. I guess it’s because it was a new experience for me, It was awesome, and I was proud of the results..I also made an amazing friend along the way. I didn’t think It was going to be such a big turn out as it was, I’m in the catalogue, the website, and in the front window of the NY store. Tilt is so talented, he used what he called a “crappy” camera, but that camera and his amazing imagination along with my styling, worked wonders for this shoot. Here is an Official look at the Spring/summer KR men and women’s line. I had posted the pictures up way too early before, so all of the comments that were left remained here, nothing was lost. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone for your support!


Alice in Wonderland by: Dorado.


“Care for tea?”

Randy Dorado is an up and coming digital artist/photographer. He recently got in touch with me to do a reenactment of Alice in wonderland, in lingerie of course. I decided to do it considering its my favorite childhood book and movie. This picture is quite raunchy, not anything I’m used to doing, but I’m going to be a stage kitten starting in may, and with that experience, become a burlesque performer. So tassel’s will be nothing out of the ordinary, I just have to get used to it. As far as being bare, this is as far as I go.

Dorado like other photographers I’ve worked with recently, they all have a huge imagination and enjoy thinking out of the box for photo shoots. I enjoy working with creative people who can combine their talents with mine. I also love being able to get into character and create wardrobes for these fun shoots.

I did Alice, the mad hatter, and the queen of hearts..for more pictures, check out my Myspace page.


V.V in Kid Robot’s window in Soho!


So today on my lunch break I decided to walk to Karen Millen to see their new collection. On my way to Karen Millen I walk by Kid Robot and come to a complete halt the minute I see a picture of a girl who looks like me on the store front, I snapped back into reality and jumped in the air with excitement. It’s not everyday that someones picture gets shown in a store front..It was definitely an experience to remember.

The official launch of Kid Robots summer collection is set for April 2, 2009. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on how amazing the graphics are on the tees and hoodies. I actually modeled the mens line, so it only goes to show that many of these pieces can be worn by women as well.

For more info and a bigger preview of this pic click here.



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