Kweenz Destroy: Sneak peek behind the scenes.


This is a sneak peek of Kweenz Destroy’s new line of tees!

More photos and information coming soon!


Back on Taste Makers!


Me and my friend Maya right after work, I was exhausted. Can you tell? lol

(Me and Maya have a huge project coming up, stay tuned, this girl is a genius.)

clicky click click here for the post!.

xoxo Will!

New items at DM!


The Dangerous Mathematicians store in l.e.s will be throwing an event in remembrance of Bettie Page, more-so the pinup era where women wanted to have bodies similar to a wasp. My friend Karen asked me to come by and model some of her corsets, skirts, and waspies all made by Karen, herself. Karen has been a friend of mine for sometime now, so I figured why not. Karen knows how to mix smarts with fashion, shes a genius who can make underwear into outer wear for dangerous women who don’t want to fit society’s mold. None of these pictures are fully edited but you get the Idea. Some of these will be on her website as soon as they are finished.

444g241924252499bw2532For more information on the event and merchandise go visit

Happy Birthday Bettie Page!

rtw1“You’ve inspired many women all over the world with your image & charm, we all love you!”



Happy Birthday Michael Turner!

michael_turner-784032No one can draw women like you can!

Michael Turner is an AMAZING comic artist that I have been following since I was a little girl.  He completely captured my full attention with his Fathom, Witchblade, Tomb raider, Aspen, Soulfire, and wonder woman sketches. From mimicking his work and his amazing comic covers I discovered my own way of drawing and painting women. I never knew him but have a lot to thank him for, I was always inspired to get better and better each time I recreated one of his pieces.



Thank you Michael Turner for being a great part of my life and a great part of my inspiration. R.I.P


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