Alice in Wonderland Movie by Tim Burton!


Tim Burton has produced many of my favorite movies like Edward Scissor Hands, Beetle Juice, and the Night before Christmas. I am so excited that he is working with Johnny Depp (my dream man) for his new up coming film “Alice in Wonderland”..Alice in wonderland was my favorite Disney film when I was little, It was easy for me to identify with her character lol. Here are some preview shots of the new movie. “Alice in Wonderland” comes out in 2010, O’ the anticipation.

burton-alice_previewaliceinwonderland_000Mia Wasikowska


Le Cercle Rouge


Yesterday night after work the girls and I headed to a very classy restaurant called Le Cercle Rouge. LCR effortlessly supports the 1920’s-1940’s from their live jazz bands to their sultry burlesque performances. We all felt like we went through a time warp some how and ended up in the 20’s. Everyone who likes fine dining, jazz, and burlesque at its best, should definitely check out Cercle Rouge. I connected with so many amazing people here (thanks to Scarlet, I love her), and finally found a place where I could dress up and take it back.


Burlesque bombshell Scarlet Sinclair and Maya the Revolutionary. Thats Sarah with the champagne glass in the back, It was her first performance that night.

dsc00678dsc00679dsc00680Me and Mira Tabahotness.


Burlesque queen Bunny


Amazing tap dancing sisters.


Michael working his magic with the band.


Chocolat-blanc doing her thing!

dsc00701dsc00684More pics coming soon.

Motor City!



A friend of mine named Alex throws parties every now and then at Motor City, Its a hot spot for rock & roll and Rockabilly lovers. I always have fun when I go to Motor City..Here are some of the pics from that night. I decided to wear a Betsey Jean dress with a red glitter and white striped cardigan. I like any excuse to wear red lipstick and red pumps;)

Crystal (My right hand gal) being shy, when we all know she isn’t!


There we go!


We also stopped by to support Bethy Boots, our favorite go-go dancer who made tons of cash that night.


Katie looking pretty in pink with her razor blade earrings and her friend.


Crystal and Blaine, he makes Crystal want a purple mo-hawk.


Katie and Kimmy sassing it up.

dsc00670dsc00673dsc00661Good times, good times~!

More pics coming soon.


Bachelor Pad Magazine needs your help.


Java’s Bachelor Pad has been a supporter of aspiring pin up models for years. This magazine is far too special, to not be in production. We have to keep the Pin up culture alive. Hopefully by our posts on myspace and other various websites, we can get more people to subscribe to keep the magazine going.

From Java’s Bachelor Pad~~~~~

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Thank you!



Vintage Finds: Fort Lauderdale

img_0264I took a trip to Florida for relaxation time with family, and who knew that around every corner was a thrift/vintage store. How could anyone relax when there are so many thrift stores near by?..

A girl can never have too many shoes.

In the past, I used to buy many vintage shoes that weren’t in the best condition. I used to try to restore them by taking them to the shoe maker, but lets face it..old shoes don’t last. Now I avoid the shoes that need work, and I try to go for hardly worn vintage shoes.

All of these shoes costed me under $10.


Pom Poms from AP go for $295..I bought these Bebe shoes for $20


I found 2 pairs of Lucite shoes and a bag that had Lucite handles.


dsc00626I love vintage jewels, these earrings are about as big as a silver dollar. Pretty awesome at $3

It’s hard to find vintage glasses that aren’t prescribed, thank god I found these.

dsc00625Look at how my little cousin rocks them:)

dsc00595Teal suede vintage 80’s dress. One thing I love about the 80’s is that many women still captured the essence of the 50’s by having dresses be tightly cinched at the waist.

I bought this dress because it hugs me:)


This dress has millions of tiny studs, the back is stunning.


O’ Sailor! I love this skirt. It’s not vintage, It’s actually from Talbots. Who knew?

dsc00639dsc00638Till next time.:)


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