Viva Las Vegas!

dsc00779VLV is a huge rockabilly convention that gets bigger and bigger each year. You get to enjoy burlesque shows, rockabilly performances, vintage vendors, and participate in jiving classes and jiving contests at the Orleans hotel (hotel may change). This was my first year at VLV and Ive already booked my hotel for the following year. I really enjoyed the company of my friend Crystal who came with me to VLV, we had non-stop good times on this trip!

We started off our day walking around on the Vegas strip, we decided to see Caesar’s palace, after that, at night, we went to the Rio where my friend’s from a rockabilly band, Will and the High Rollers were performing. I wish I could fully express how beautiful the Voodoo lounge was, the venues in Vegas are just stunning compared to NY. Crystal and I got to watch the High Rollers along with other bands on the top of a roof top, overlooking all of Vegas.

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Love Jones at the Hardrock hotel!


While I was In Vegas my friend Bernie was doing a signing at Love Jones, a new lingerie store inspired by vintage and rock & roll. I mean, what better combination than that?!!! I live for vintage and R&R!. Anyway, I went to visit her being that the hard rock wasn’t too far from the hotel plus I ADORE her, honestly she’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. Bernie has been so supportive and such a good friend to me since we met in San Diego last year. Bernie Dexter is hands down, thee most popular pin-up model today. Not only is she a great model but she inspires girls all over the world with her effortless charm. Bernie is now collaborating with Lucy B lingerie, and I have to tell you, I work at a lingerie shop but these pieces were AMAZING. If your ever in the LV area, visit the hard rock hotel and pass by Love Jones.

dsc01022Crystal and I fooling around at the shop.
dsc01026Crystal is a princess and if you think otherwise, she will KILL you.

Fabulous Bernie and I, which reminds me I need to buy that robe to go with my set!


Bumped into Tatyana from Bettie Page and had to take a last-minute pic.

dsc01034here’s what I got. I don’t remember the costs but I spent about $200 all together.

O sailor!

dsc01157Grrr leopard.

Viva Las Vegas Vintage Finds!


If your ever in Vegas for VLV please prepare yourself. The vendors at VLV are very expensive and some of their prices are ridiculous, thank god for bargain bribes and buffalo exchange!. I must admit though VLV vendors had vintage pieces that are very hard to find, I mean, I found extraordinary things there that were worth a pretty penny.

I bought a few things from this Vendor, I loved everything. I bought 2 key chains and 3 rings. at $3 each.


Parasols! Ok So I couldnt choose which one I wanted so I bought the one on the far left (black and red) and the Yellow Sailor jerry one on the middle at 15$


I wanted to buy this lamp but had no room in my suit case:( $35


This rain coat caught my eye because, If you look closely its a hologram of leopard prints. $20

dsc00850This Vintage 2 piece set was the highlight of my trip, I just think this set is beautiful. It had a sewn in polka dot bikini top along with polka dot lining underneath the skirt. Crystal and I think its from the late 60’s early 70’s. $18
dsc00852Buffalo exchange is a great place for brands as well, this is a Bebe sailor dress. $30
dsc00854This is another Bebe dress I regret not getting. I just wanted to post this picture up anyway because wrap dresses are such easy pieces to have when your in a rush to get pretty.
dsc00855I love western button downs, Everyone knows on most occasions I’m in my cowboy boots and ripped up jeans. Im going to wear this shirt to threads! $18
dsc00857This is a sailor inspired swim suit by Moschino, on the bottom of it is a print of Olive-oil from Popeye. My friend lance calls me Popeye so I had to purchase it at $25.
Stunner shades. $5

OMG I purchased these shoes at the VLV Car show, I died the minute I saw them! Everyone knows I have an obsession with Zombies but, zombies on shoes is BRILLIANT.$45


Check out this Vintage Jacket from the 50’s with a real fur trim. I love when I find something amazing and its just my size. $90


For the love of Chain mail! These gloves are beaded with tiny gold beads that stretch, who ever made these gloves was a genius. These gloves are pretty tough at $16. Cant wait to wear them!


This is a cute pink dress by Luella B. for Target, It made me want a milkshake. $20

dsc00848My friend Jes put me on to Less Posh an artist who now paints on bags and makes plaques for your wall. Jes just recently got a tattoo of one of the girls, it looks amazing. I had to support this artist, it was the first time I had seen all of her work. $120


It was love at first sight when I saw these bad boys, even though my cowboy boot collection is exploding, these are my new fav’s at $100.


I got these from American Apparel and I’m very much aware that everyone has them, I don’t care, I LOVE THEM. So I purchased them because guess what? I forgot to pack pants with me! $98


La Pachuca is a new pinup brand that Crystal and I really enjoyed watching in the fashion show. I fell in love with the art work that this clothing like represented. In the show La Pachuca and El Pachuco wow’d us with Latin dancing and men in zoot suits. I purchased 2 tanks, 1 for me and 1 for my sister at $25.

dsc01137I love the color “Blush” its the prettiest pink I have ever seen. This vest is blush pink with fluorescent clear and silver sequins, I just thought It was a good elegant vintage looking piece. This vest is from buffalo exchange $25. The skirt it from H&M $25. In case you guys like the shoes, I bought them a while back when Tecasan shoe boutique was still open.


dsc01141After modeling in the Bettie Page fashion show (ill have the post of the show up soon) and loving most of the new collection, I decided to go to the store located in Miracle Mile mall on the strip of Las Vegas to get some dresses;). You have to try the dresses on, because a lot of times these dresses surprise me. I adore the store and I adore Tatyana and Jan Co founders of BPC, they are the nicest people I have ever come across. A lot of the dresses fit me so well and are so comfortable, I kinda want them all (well I kinda have most of them). You guys can get these dresses on


dsc01152(this is not the belt the dress came with ^)
How awesome is this fur cardigan?. This cardigan has diamond stud buttons on the sleeve and a pretty broach to lock it. For a cashmere sweater with a fur collar this was a steal at $65!.

Who doesn’t love scarves? I wanted to wear this to the car show..that didn’t happen..$3

Thats it for now!


Noblesse Oblige award on Modern Fuerza!

“So, to sum it up, these are some of the blogs that I read on a constant basis because they are just, that, fly.
1. Jazmin over at
Vintage Vandalizm
Psh, besides her being the steeziest woman I’ve ever seen, I love how she expresses things. Through her writing, anybody can tell her voice is great. She’s got people featuring her left and right, asking her to be guest writers/editors/bloggers, and if you take a peak at her, her art, words, and everything else, you can see why. Her sense of style is impeccable.”-Rio Tapatio (author of Modern Fuerza)

Rio Tapatio is also one of the Authors of the Kweenz Destroy blog, her eye for fashion and art is a great contribution to the KD blog and I wish her the best of success!

Thank you Rio for your support and kind words!

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V.V on Diva Domination!

dd_blog_header_final “A Diva is a female version of a hustler”

Shout out to Shiva, the Author of one of the coolest Diva blogs on the net!..

She’s got me on DIVA ALERT, click here to see it.

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