Happy Birthday Michael Turner!

michael_turner-784032No one can draw women like you can!

Michael Turner is an AMAZING comic artist that I have been following since I was a little girl.  He completely captured my full attention with his Fathom, Witchblade, Tomb raider, Aspen, Soulfire, and wonder woman sketches. From mimicking his work and his amazing comic covers I discovered my own way of drawing and painting women. I never knew him but have a lot to thank him for, I was always inspired to get better and better each time I recreated one of his pieces.



Thank you Michael Turner for being a great part of my life and a great part of my inspiration. R.I.P



Evan P.Brown strikes again!


Ted D’Ottavio x V.V new Photo.

465461Ted and I will be shooting again in the future. He’s awesome!

Viva Las Vegas!

dsc00779VLV is a huge rockabilly convention that gets bigger and bigger each year. You get to enjoy burlesque shows, rockabilly performances, vintage vendors, and participate in jiving classes and jiving contests at the Orleans hotel (hotel may change). This was my first year at VLV and Ive already booked my hotel for the following year. I really enjoyed the company of my friend Crystal who came with me to VLV, we had non-stop good times on this trip!

We started off our day walking around on the Vegas strip, we decided to see Caesar’s palace, after that, at night, we went to the Rio where my friend’s from a rockabilly band, Will and the High Rollers were performing. I wish I could fully express how beautiful the Voodoo lounge was, the venues in Vegas are just stunning compared to NY. Crystal and I got to watch the High Rollers along with other bands on the top of a roof top, overlooking all of Vegas.

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Love Jones at the Hardrock hotel!


While I was In Vegas my friend Bernie was doing a signing at Love Jones, a new lingerie store inspired by vintage and rock & roll. I mean, what better combination than that?!!! I live for vintage and R&R!. Anyway, I went to visit her being that the hard rock wasn’t too far from the hotel plus I ADORE her, honestly she’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. Bernie has been so supportive and such a good friend to me since we met in San Diego last year. Bernie Dexter is hands down, thee most popular pin-up model today. Not only is she a great model but she inspires girls all over the world with her effortless charm. Bernie is now collaborating with Lucy B lingerie, and I have to tell you, I work at a lingerie shop but these pieces were AMAZING. If your ever in the LV area, visit the hard rock hotel and pass by Love Jones.

dsc01022Crystal and I fooling around at the shop.
dsc01026Crystal is a princess and if you think otherwise, she will KILL you.

Fabulous Bernie and I, which reminds me I need to buy that robe to go with my set!


Bumped into Tatyana from Bettie Page and had to take a last-minute pic.

dsc01034here’s what I got. I don’t remember the costs but I spent about $200 all together.

O sailor!

dsc01157Grrr leopard.

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