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A few months ago I was asked to do a guest editor feature in Limite Magazine. I was ecstatic and rose to the occasion. It was only right to do a story based on the recession and how you can still shop and look fabulous without putting a hole in your pockets. I hope that you all enjoy the story, leave your feedback:D

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click here for the story.



Invite: Mode Merr Fashion show!


Me and my Gal pal Crystal will be modeling on the runway at the bell house for Mode Merr!

So get those victory rolls rollin and your hottest pin-up outfit and join us for this spectacular event!


Happy Birthday Kida!

My fabulous friend Kida wanted me to make her a hat for her birthday, since we have the same rock and roll type of style it wasn’t hard to do at all. Happy Birthday girl!



V.V on Anatomy, Glitt3r, and International!

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For the post on Anatomy click here.

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My Vintage Finds post was posted just yesterday and I’m on Glitt3r! check it out.

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Hejty is an International street-wear-fetish website, I was thrilled when I saw the post!

V.V is going international baby! Click here to see it


Vintage finds!: Why I love Betsey Johnson

Working for Betsey was a wonderful experience, wearing Betsey everyday was even better. Many times on my lunch break I would get photographed by street-fashion photographers. I miss being able to wear my party dresses everyday, this summer I’m going to make sure I wear every single Betsey dress I have in my closet!.

The other day I went to the Betsey Johnson Sample sale at the millennium hotel and left with lots of goodies! I thought I would share why I love Betsey Johnson along with the things I got, Maybe make you a lover as well?

This is my “Mary had a little lamb” dress. The white eyelet detail is awesome.


Fell in love with the color of this dress, I want to wear it with my leather jacket;)DSC01221

This is my green siren dress..needs a belt but still amazing.


I love blush pink and yellow, especially when its silk and lace..ew lala


ok so, I have this dress in 2 colors already..I love it..its proven.


This dress makes me want a milkshake, and a GIANT burger.:D


This dress is awesome, it has a V-neck drop in the front and the back of the dress..Imagine if this was a romper, Id die. And yes I left the tags attached..


this dress was initially supposed to have crochet flowers, but it was more like silly strings when BJ produced it..bummer..but still a cool dress.


This dress has ruffles straight to the bottom, I want to go to the Derby in this with a huge hat and cigarette holder.


Who doesn’t love a sexy black dress? this one has sequins and velvet bows..meow.


This is a simple throw on for any last-minute party, the color is amazing and any black pumps will do.


We have a lace kimono in my job that sells for over $700, this will do till I can afford it.


Betsey is still kickin ass!


If you ever want an amazing dress..I’m SURE you will find one at Betsey Johnson. It’s for every girl who dares to be different.

For more info go to


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