The Fash Bash.

I haven’t been to a club in ages, It was only right that we (my best friend Soraya & I) make a come back to a special event, our friend Kida’s Birthday bash. I have a lot of respect for Kida because when it comes to fashion, the girl’s got balls. Of course I can relate, I really don’t have any limitations when It comes to style, here’s the evidence.

I brought the Mad hatter back, Soraya brought sexy back, and Kida unleashed her inner Sasha Fierce.


Twas a night to remember.



V.V x DM on!


Mark Mori, the Director of the new and upcoming film “Bettie Page Reveals All” and other amazing films like Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann & Building Bombs, contacted me through twitter expressing interest in featuring the “Bettie Page Tribute” party for the website. Karen (the C.O of the Dangerous Mathematicians shop) and I, were thrilled to know that we would meet the director of this amazing future film. Everyone knows I love Bettie Page and I’m very much influenced by her struggle and sex appeal. Karen; like Bettie Page, used to be a teacher when she decided to open up a lingerie/corsetry shop for women. I didn’t even know Bettie Page was a teacher, but I guess it was because it was very short-lived. I specifically wore a Bettie Page dress to the event because I wanted people to know how amazing the clothing line is, and directed them to stores in the area that sold them, and the website itself. This party was a complete success from start to finish and I was so happy with the outcome. I was also very happy to have featured my artwork of Bettie, finally an event my work belonged in.

If you rsvp’d for the event you got to take pictures in the photo studio section of the store, reenacting Bettie Page and having fun with the Corset Belts Karen made. We all had so much fun goofing around back there.


The Bettie Page team asked me to do a short interview on how I feel Bettie Page has influenced me and many girls in the world. . I was so nervous because I’m not used to being recorded or interviewed on video, it was definitely an interesting experience, but after a while the BP team made me feel so comfortable, I wasn’t nervous anymore. It’s so funny because the photographer caught me laughing in one of the pics that they posted lol, but hey you can’t look good in every picture right? lol. I was just glad that I had the privilege of connecting with Mark and his crew. As a result of working with Mark Mori I was ecstatic when he called me this morning to tell me I was featured on the website. Thank you so much Mark Mori and your amazing team for showing Karen & I so much love and support.

Picture 2Picture 3Picture 2Picture 4

To see friends and I on the Bettie Page Movie website, click here.


Photographed by Alexander Thompson at VLV!


Alexander Thompson has taken pictures of celebrities like MIA, Lady Sovereign, Mobb Deep, and etc. Alex also takes the best pictures at Viva Las Vegas. He’s a good friend of ours at AP and I’m going to be doing a shoot with him soon.

To see more of Alexander Thompson’s amazing photographs please visit or his blog.


Naughty ‘n Nerdy: The Bettie Page Edition


Naughty ‘n Nerdy: The Bettie Page Edition

Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 9:00pm
Location: Dangerous Mathematicians
176 Rivington Street
bet Clinton and Attorney

Join Dangerous Mathematicians as we celebrate the influence of former teacher-turned-pin-up Bettie Page!

Get photographed in our new studio, Bettie Page-style! Pose for the camera, vintage style, in a corset from our new collection! Or pose with one of our models decked out in DM!

Complimentary wine and sexy sultry music by “DJ Derivative” all night long.

Featuring performance art/rock band g33f and Brazilian drum superheroes Batucada L’atelier.

Entrance is complimentary.
Doors open at 9 PM
g33f on at 10 PM
Batucada L’atelier on at 11 PM

Please RSVP!!!

To Rsvp shoot me an email with your full name and how many guests you intend to bring.


Kenny Lombardi x Daddy Cool: the Rumblers Car show

Kenny Lombardi is a talented photographer I met at the Rumblers car show. He took photos of me at the Rumblers show in Coney Island.

000Jasmin copy 1_3608

and…Daddy Cool is one of the Creators of, now he wasn’t at the rumblers car show but I thought it was really awesome that he remixed this photo of me from the show.


thanks guys! xoxo

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