I have been feeling a bit devilish this month with Valentine’s Day around the corner. So I planned an awesome shoot with my friend Daniel where I got to channel my inner tempest in my new red PVC corset (CS-426) from none-other-than Orchard Corset. I am OBSESSED with this corset and can’t wait to see how I style even more outfits with it. This one fits my frame perfectly, was really comfortable, and looked pretty badass with my red dress and matching red patent leather pumps. I now have a growing collection… Read More

PUG goes to Japan (Day 3&4)!

It was our last two days in Japan shooting for “World’s Amazing People” via Fuji TV and for day 3 we had another early call time since we would be visiting Mt.Fuji, a mall, a theme park, and a gorgeous hotel before heading to Narita. I was excited to see Mt.Fuji and had a little bit of fun exploring the mall near by where I got to see some cool shops and get some last-minute souvenirs for my family while the cast were shooting. Amazon Eve needed to dress warm so I… Read More

PUG goes to Japan (Day 2)!

Day 2 of Amazon Eve’s (of American Horror Story “Freakshow”) shoot with Fuji TV’s “Worlds Amazing People (ENG)” was probably the most challenging day for me as her stylist as I was on only 4 hours of sleep. I didn’t know how I was going to survive such a crazy schedule for the day but I kept my chin up and did my thing. I shot the image above as soon as I woke up and it was such a beautiful sunrise and such a great way to start my morning. I… Read More

PUG goes to Japan with Amazon Eve! (Day 1)

YOU GUYS-I got asked to go to Japan by Pinup Girl Clothing (the company I work for) to style Amazon Eve of American Horror Story “Freak Show” for a show called “World’s Amazing People” run by Fuji Tv! It was last-minute but boy was I excited as I have always wanted to visit Japan ever since discovering the street style book “Fruits” long ago when I was a fashion major in School! It made the trip better that I would be styling a character from one of my favorite shows too! I… Read More

A Mortal Kombat Halloween!

It was my favorite holiday of the year, HALLOWEEN, and I was ready to kick some major ass in my Scorpion costume. This was a last-minute execution of an old idea (I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now) so I basically frankensteined an already made mens costume into a women’s costume to have it done on time. Though this may seem like an easy task, it really wasn’t lol. I had to resew elastic bands to all of the pieces because they popped the minute I put the costume on,… Read More