Blue & Bamboo

There is nothing more fun for me than transforming something that is supposed to be worn a certain way into something entirely different. I found this Zara outfit when shopping one of their end of season sales. The blouse is actually not supposed to be tied like a cropped wrap top, it’s supposed to be worn baggy and rest below the hip. Of course my imagination started going and I saw the potential it had in resembling a sexy 1940s look and BOOM, I made it come to life and look a… Read More


I’ve been really delayed on posts as of late because I have been really busy. I can’t complain though, so many doors have been opening for me and I am starting to see the rewards of the past 10+ years as an influencer. I like that more brands are starting to take notice of influencers who show a different perspective on how to wear their items. I really do look at fashion as an art form and I put my all into the looks I create each day. The best part? I… Read More

Curvy Beach Swim

My awesome gal pal, Elizabeth Taylor (yes that’s her real name!), recently released Curvy Beach, an incredible plus size swimwear brand that became so popular, she now carries smaller sizes! Once I found out the news, I had to get my hands on her leopard set and mannnn it fits amazing! It’s so hard to find bottoms that are that classic 1980s high-waisted fit. That particular style fits so well on curvy girls like myself without being too scantily clad. I always had to search for vintage 1980s swimsuits and pray for… Read More

Speckled like a Leopard

Here we have a Vintage Vandalizm out in the wild, her natural habitat, wearing a two-piece vintage leopard set along with some vintage inspired sunnies and a vintage lancome purse. All of which she found at her beloved Buffalo Exchange. Her earrings are from Vixen by Micheline Pitt and her shoes are vintage (too bad you can’t really see them!). I am obsessed with leopard so I was so excited when I found this set at Buffalo Exchange a few months ago. It was thrashed so it was in the 50% off… Read More

Bettie Page Fitness

One of my resolutions for this year was not only to take better care of my body but also my mind/soul. Yoga ties all of those things together and helps us become more balanced/centered and also does wonders for our bodies. I need that, I need to unplug from the endless noise of social media sometimes. Thankfully, I now have an outlet. I’m always trying to find new and FUN ways to work out and relieve stress (because the gym can be so boring) so I was delighted when I met Tori,… Read More