Home Decor: Sin in Linen

I have been having a lot of fun with my apartment decor as of late. I just bought a tv stand, a book shelf, a dining set, and a few other things. However, nothing had me more excited than when I received my Sin in Linen Lady Weird pinup “Pillow Fight” bedding, shower curtain, and pajamas! I am already obsessed with Lady Weirds art work so I was so excited when I found out that she had a collection with Sin in Linen. I literally LIVE in the SIL pajamas. I swear to… Read More

Gingham Cowgirl!

It’s not a surprise that The Pretty Dress Company makes some of my favorite dresses. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a closet full of their gorgeous pieces. I seriously cannot get enough and have been DYING to get my hands on this gingham style for a while and finally was able to add it to my wardrobe! I am a sucker for gingham prints, cliché I know, but I can’t get enough of it. I think PDC has a good eye for unique prints that make their dresses even more irresistible…. Read More

Crazy for Sabbies!

I have been getting situated at my new place all Summer and it has been so much fun to decorate it with all of my antiques and things. It has been a slow and steady process and it is finally coming all together. One thing I really needed to work on was my bed. I had bed sheets that were great and all but none that really matched the decor of my apartment. I wanted something rockabilly, something fun to really make my bed pop and I found exactly what I was… Read More

Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 1&2!

Every year around Easter time I head to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention at the Orleans hotel. It is something I look forward to every year because it is a convention that brings together people from all over the world who love and live the rockabilly culture into one place. I think this is my 4th time attending and I plan to do it annually because not much of a culture exists here in New York. I feel like every time I go I recharge my batteries and come back… Read More

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day cinco!

Day 5 was one of my favorite days in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew because it was full of fun fun fun! We had a wonderful breakfast at Big Pink, spent some time selling paintings and apparel at the gallery, went to the Underbelly Project, visited the local Wynwood Salvation Army where I found tons of goodies, and partied the night away at the Graffiti Gone Global event. It was an all-around-perfect-day! I even wore the perfect outfit! I say perfect because it was comfortable and versatile. For most… Read More