Groove is in the heart.

I was feeling pretty groovy in my new Pretty Dress Company dress a few weeks ago for lunch with friends. So much that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document my outfit against the graffiti adorned walls of Downtown, Las Vegas. This is definitely one of my favorite 1960s looks I’ve pulled off this year so far. I was in my element with a pink scarf tied around my head like a headband, my faux Priscilla Presley hair, Liz Taylor silver hoop earrings, my vintage bangles, Polaroid sunnies, Patricia Field Clutch,… Read More

60s Pastels

Here’s another fun but short outfit post of what I wore when my Mom was in town a few weeks ago (miss you mom!). It was feeling super girly and 1960s on this day so I wore a cute behave style bun with a vintage bow headpiece that had netting, a vintage sweater that had pearls all over it, a top shop satin baby blue skirt, Louboutin nude heels, a vintage sweater and purse, and some jumbo pearl earrings. The outfit was completely perfect from head to toe (I love when that… Read More

Road-Trippin like Thelma & Louise for Suavecita!

A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of doing the coolest road trip shoot for Suavecita with my partner-in-crime, Miss Thalia Castillo. It was one of the best experiences I have had all year because every person that was a part of the shoot was so awesome. The only hiccup we had was the weather earlier that day that completely ruined my Bettie Page waves, but we did our best to make it work. Luckily we had enough Suavecita products to change my hair into something else! It was a savior!… Read More

Suavecita Giveaway!

Many of you always ask me what kinds of products I use for my hair especially when I am able to pull my short bangs back. Suavecita pomade is one of my favorite and most versatile products I use to pull back my bangs, to remove frizz from my waves, and to make sure my fly-aways are in check. I even use it for my sometimes-stubborn baby hair. I started with Suavecito pomade first (which is actually for men) and then they came out with Suavecita pomade for women which is awesome… Read More

How to achieve the perfect Bettie Page waves

You guys have been asking me for YEARS to do tutorials and I have tried a number of times but really didn’t have the courage to complete one until now. I may not be camera-shy but I am definitely video shy and you can tell in the very beginning of this video that I am nervous haha. I also didn’t know how to properly shoot or edit video until now. Alas, I bought a cool camera, the Fujifilm Finepix X100, and spent the last month learning how to use it so I can take… Read More