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1299113761spend_largeWhether you follow the rockabilly lifestyle or not, mid-century fashion flatters and embraces all types of women of all different sizes. Women in our modern society still wear pencil skirts to work, still sport A-line coats over cocktail dresses, and we all still love to look glamorous. Since I started this blog, many of you want to know where to get the best retro threads and I am here to show you a few of my favorite shops where you can find great vintage/vintage reproduction pieces, under garments, and swimwear at reasonable prices that won’t burn holes in those pockets!




Tatyana Clothing is one of my favoriteee go-to spots for great vintage reproduction pieces.They have everything you need like dresses, separates, and accessories excellently inspired by my favorite era. They even carry adorable vintage repro kids clothes! How awesome is that?! Now you can dress up as a pinup girl and dress your daughters too! I absolutely love their shops and have visited many of them in the west coast within the past few years and I am extremely excited that Tatyana Clothing just opened their 11th shop here in NY! For those of you who are far away from a shop visit their site to check out their selection of amazing apparel!

Live in NY? Want a variety of vintage reproduction from the best retro brands in the world? If so, visit the Slapback store on 490 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn! Renee, the bombshell who owns Slapback, is a fox with a great eye for retro-modern fashion for the rockabilly and/or modern fashionista. Her personal style and background in the fashion industry has given her a keen eye for great merchandise and this is why her shop is my go-to spot for the best threads. Its also refreshing that her shop has GREAT customer service and provides up-to-date information on her new merchandise every time it hits the shop via her instagram @slapback_nyc. I wouldn’t have many of the amazing dresses and accessories I still treasure today if it wasn’t for Renee’s shop. There is something for everyone! Visit Slapback in Brooklyn, NY, or check out her website!

Stop Staring is a great go-to destination for great staple pieces for your mid-century inspired wardrobe! They create some of the best dresses that are form-fitting, fashionable, and fabulous. Every dress is a guaranteed show stopper and people are bound to stare in awe. I have many of their pieces and every time I wear SS, I feel like a million bucks. They offer a variety of dresses for day and night so If you want great vintage reproduction dresses for any occasion, check out the Stop Staring website!

Bernie Dexter is one of the most famous pinup models of our generation and has been/still is a muse to many different rockabilly brands. Her classic and gorgeous look, amazing pinup poses, and timeless style is admired by pinups all over the world. It is no surprise that Bernie Dexter recently launched her own collection of amazing vintage inspired dresses and separates. She knows vintage and fashion like no body’s business and with all of that knowledge she blessed us all with great clothes! check out her shop by clicking here!

Whirling Turban is a dreamy brand of vintage inspired dresses custom-made to fit your body and personal style. I do not know any other brands who create custom dresses in the best silhouettes and elegant styles like Whirling Turban. Though these dresses may cost you a pretty penny, after seeing their selection of amazing pieces, I don’t think your pockets will regret it. Big bust, tiny waist? Small bust, big bum? No problem, Whirling Turban will great a dress that is perfect for you. Check out their shop by clicking here!

As a lover of lingerie, I am always looking for great brands that aren’t cliché, cheap, and of bad quality.  One of my absolute favorite brands is Secrets in Lace and this isn’t your normal lingerie shop. SIL offers classic/timeless lingerie and hosiery exclusively created with the same quality and techniques of our yester years. They are one of the very few who have resurrected and perfected the bullet bra and has created hosiery of the highest quality and style. Even Dita Von Teese was so impressed she collaborated with the brand by creating her own line of SIL stockings. Check out their shop by clicking here!


What Katie Did is another one of my favorite lingerie brands because they create sassy styles perfect for pinups. I especially love their selection of corsets and high waisted-knickers. They just recently started selling Bernie Dexter dresses and also offers the vintage inspired makeup brand Besame cosmetics. I like what Katie did and if you do too, check out the shop by clicking here!

Lucy B lingerie is two things, affordable and adorable, and those two combinations always work for me. I became a fan of Lucy B when I visited Vegas a few years ago and discovered the brand via the Love Jones shop at the Hardrock hotel. I bought a few pieces and have been in love ever since, so much so, every time I visit Vegas I make sure to add to my collection. However, you don’t have to travel to get your hands on Lucy B lingerie, all you have to do is visit their shop by clicking here!

Collectif clothing is in a league of their own offering you the best of UK’s rockabilly style! I have a few of their separates like their tops and pants and I wear them all the time. I love how Collectif keeps their styles fun and versatile for all types of rockabilly girls from psychobilly babes to classic Hollywood bombshells, there is so much to choose from! Check out their shop by clicking here!

Are you a lover of all things kitsch? Well the Crave Yard is a great brand to look out for that offers you something vintage brands have forgotten about…Brooches! These tiny accessories were a huge part of mid-century culture and the Crave Yard has created their own atomic designs of brooches that are a perfect accent to any retro outfit! They also create cute aprons as a well for all of you baking babes! Get your kitsch glitz by clicking here!

                                                                                                                                             D&J Vintage has the best vintage threads on Etsy, hands DOWN! Every time I visit their shop, I end up drooling over their inventory. They always have such great mid-century vintage dresses and accessories at such amazing and reasonable prices. I got my first vintage circle skirt from D&J and it is one of my most treasured items to date. If you want great vintage pieces from a great vintage shop and don’t want to pay ridiculous prices, this place is it! Visit their shop by clicking here!

5 Comments on “Best Retro Shops

  1. Hey VV, huge admirer here. Do you or have you ever shopped on the website? I have my eye on a dress. I wonder of they are legit. Any idea?
    PS xxo!

  2. I’m looking for pin-up style bathing suits, but I simply cannot afford $50+ Bathing suits. $60 is pushing it. Any advice on what I should do, or where I should look?

  3. What a great site! Thank you for not having only stick models 🙂 We are all pin ups.

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