I have been feeling a bit devilish this month with Valentine’s Day around the corner. So I planned an awesome shoot with my friend Daniel where I got to channel my inner tempest in my new red PVC corset (CS-426) from none-other-than Orchard Corset. I am OBSESSED with this corset and can’t wait to see how I style even more outfits with it. This one fits my frame perfectly, was really comfortable, and looked pretty badass with my red dress and matching red patent leather pumps. I now have a growing collection of Orchard Corsets because they are seriously theeee best.

I had so much fun creating this look. I wanted to look like one of Amber Carr’s devil women in her paintings (but I may have channeled HIM from The Power Puff Girls hahahaha). Whatev’s! I nailed it! Haha. My dress is Naked Wardrobe, Choker is Deandri, Jacket/gloves are vintage, and my shoes are Christian Louboutin. I am going to do a separate post where I talk about all of my makeup. For now, lets focus on this BOMB corset and these BOMB photos ;).

Images by @DMRDepictions

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