Lady in red.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better time to get yourself a gorgeous red dress than now? The Pretty Dress Company has you covered with their gorgeous Tilly dress I am wearing here in this image. I love this dress so much I have it in 3 different styles. It comes in tartan and a variety of colors and also comes in different silhouettes so you can do a pencil, swing, or gown style of the same dress. I’ve already worn this style twice and in two totally different ways to show how versatile the Tilly dress can be with a little imagination and I hope to wear it again during Valentines day! Wether you have a Valentine or not, treat yourself. Right now The Pretty Dress Company is having a sale where you can get 20% off any of their dresses with the code: TREAT20. Now you have no excuse! 😉

Red Tilly dress with vintage accessories and handmade crown. Tilly dress with Deandri accessories and Christian Louboutin purse/shoes.



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