Fine wine.

Burgundy is a color I can wear all year around because I love it so much. On this day I wore the most gorgeous hip-hugging Burgundy dress from Tatyana boutique. It’s called the Vickie dress and I have it in both Burgundy and green. I’d say its one of the most comfortable dresses I own and that’s a major plus when I buy dresses. I like to look great but I like to be comfortable too. I paired it with some vintage accessories and a purse that is also from Tatyana Boutique. This is one of the major pluses from buying from their shop, you can literally buy an entire outfit. If you haven’t been to their shop here in Las Vegas, its really awesome! They sell Tatyana designs, vintage, and even host pinup photoshoots where you can have your hair, makeup, and wardrobe supplied for an awesome pinup photoshoot with an amazing photographer (he’s the guy that takes all of my photos!). Stop by and check it out if you are in town!

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