Enchanting in Emerald

The Holiday season has me busting out all of my festive dresses like this gorgeous emerald green Tailor & Twirl Katie retro dress from Tatyana Boutique. I mean, just LOOK at it! That gorgeous silhouette, fit, and color is absolutely enchanting for a Holiday Party. It even has a matching bolero! I like dresses that come with a bolero because sometimes I like to hide the keloid scars on my back (yeah I have those days sometimes!). I also love the stretchy fabric and full skirt because I can really enjoy eating and dancing haha. I wore a crinoline underneath to give it some flair and paired it with some really cool accessories like my crystal veil from Nic Coco Creations and my vintage gloves/jewelry/purse. It was kind of chilly out so I also wore the Tatyana Salem Waist Coat which is also a very versatile piece of outerwear that I can wear with a number of dresses and separates. This was such an easy dress to accessorize and wear for a fun party at the Downtown Grand. It’s certainly one of my favorite Holiday outfits to date!

Visit the Tatyana Boutique in Las Vegas if you are in town or head to their site by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!

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