Neiman Marcus Holiday Gifts Event

Neiman Marcus is one of my favorite places to shop because the customer service is always on point and I can find rare designer pieces that aren’t sold anywhere else. I was recently invited there for a private Holiday Gifts showcase and am no longer wondering what to get my loved ones for Christmas! They had the most cutest showcase of cakes, candy, perfume, beauty, tech, and even some home decor. They even had a showcase of pet gifts! Of course I saw things I wanted to buy myself like the Smeg Dolce & Gabanna toaster but the girl will have to dream until my Christmas list is done. I could have stayed there all day trying perfumes, eating yummy cakes and candy, and playing with all the gifts and gadgets. See all the fun stuff they showcased inside!
But first, I’ll take a Passion Fruit Mimosas please!Can’t go xmas shopping on an empty stomach, amirite? Ok, I need DIS. Cute sequins kitty pillow that changes color when you glide your hands over it!
Gifts can be yummy too!  The Toaster I wanted to run away with. Ugh its SO CUTE. Scents, body-washes, candles, and everything else that makes a girl feel fresh. This cute little guy is a hot chocolate snowman! Dip him in hot milk and he melts into hot chocolate with marshmallows! So cute as a stocking stuffer! Only the best of Fresh in a gift box! I know a few of my friends that wouldn’t mind getting this for Christmas. 😉 Every girl wants a new set of brushes to start the new year. What about these Marc Jacobs soft professional makeup brushes?  Now here’s something that’s deliciously gorg. Edible chocolate lipsticks. Yup, you can eat the entire thing! Beauty tech for the tired girl who comes home and just wants to dive into her beauty rituals. Pet gifts! I buy Rex gifts every year! I think that “Treat Hustler” shirt would suit him well haha. Fashion Oracle cards with the best affirmations by some of your favorite celebrities. Genius! This may look like a pizza but its actually a giant candy! So cute for all of you pizza lovers who also love your sweets!
Neon is the new wave ya’ll and these signs are definitely what I would call…LIT. I know a few people who would love this kitty flask! If you’re gonna be drunk, at least be fashionably drunkl!

I posted these on my IG stories and it took my sister a millisecond to message me with ” I WANT THESE, WHERE ARE YOUUUU” so I think that’s a good sign I should probably get her one. Be bad and bougie with an MCM ice box and cocktail tray with matching coasters set.  Get yourself some festive Holiday shot glasses so you can drink your sorrows away because of how much you spent on everyone else this Christmas. LMAO Instead of smoking a cigar, why don’t you just eat one? haha, no not an actual cigar, an edible cigar! These chocolates emulate cigars and even come in a cute cigar box!

Gonna need all 4 of these Creed scents Neiman Marcus. Thank you for inspiring me about what gifts to buy my loved ones but…I now want to buy all of these things for myself!

Thank you for such a wonderful event Neiman Marcus! If you live in Las Vegas, make sure you visit the Neiman Marcus store at Fashion Show Mall and get your Holiday shopping done in a snap!

Thank you to Christie Moeller who continues to bring all of us influencers together, here in Las Vegas!


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