Bad Bettie.

I treat corsets like I do evening gowns. In my opinion, they are so special, I only wear them on special occasions. However, I recently got my hands on a PVC corset from Orchard Corset that I just couldn’t wait to wear. I couldn’t wait for that special occasion. I didn’t even care that it was nearly 117 degrees outside (needless to say, I may have lost some weight around my waist haha). I wanted to channel my inner bad Bettie in it and I did just that.

Since I was going for a more casual look (my casual is a bit extreme for some haha), I decided to wear the corset with a matching patent leather pencil skirt and a t-shirt. I love being able to water down an outfit like this and still make it look fierce. This is also one of the most comfortable corsets I have ever worn. I am wondering if it’s because it just hits my waist and hips perfectly. Some corsets are either too long, or don’t follow my natural curvature.

I felt like a little vixen in this ensemble. I even wore my favorite Christian Louboutin fetish style pumps. Sometimes its nice to take a break from my usual styles to visit my darker side. I think I will be channeling this look a lot this Fall. And maybe with some more Orchard corsets? YES PLEASE.

Head to Orchard Corset to see their wonderful selection of corsets and other undergarments!


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