Age of Athena

When I was a child, I loved greek mythology (Still do!). I started drawing creatures like centaurs, unicorns, medusa, and goddesses before I even knew what they were. My aunt Janette would take me to the Metropolitan Museum and I would marvel at all of the beautiful greek statues and beautifully woven tapestries (The Unicorn Tapestries was my favorite).

I was especially interested in all of the goddesses. Women of strength and power always inspired me greatly. Even when I played video games, I’d always gravitate towards/play strong female characters. I am sure it’s partially responsible for the kind of woman I am today.

One of my favorite goddesses was Athena. She was the Goddess of poetry, art, wisdom, and war strategy. I, like Athena, am poetic by nature, an artist at heart, have always been wise beyond my years (or so I think haha), and always have the best strategies when dealing with hardships. She is the goddess of greek mythology that I identify with the most and sometimes I channel these inspirations through my personal style.

On this day I wore the most gorgeous two piece set by The Pretty Dress Company and basically lived the dream of being my own kind of Goddess. How could I help myself? It has a detachable skirt that is open in the front so you can see that I am wearing a romper underneath (I LIVE for that drama!). For accessories, I paired the PDC set with some gold scrappy heels and went to my local Michael’s to create the perfect gold headband. I also wore a vintage handbag one of my lovely followers sent me from her grandmothers collection of gorgeous vintage accessories. It looked perfect and was everything I could want in an outfit. I’d say its one for the books!

Anyway, I am ready to be hired to play a goddess in a Greek Mythology film. So feel free to message me to be in your next film, k? haha!

Images by @DMRDepictions.


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