Blue & Bamboo

There is nothing more fun for me than transforming something that is supposed to be worn a certain way into something entirely different. I found this Zara outfit when shopping one of their end of season sales. The blouse is actually not supposed to be tied like a cropped wrap top, it’s supposed to be worn baggy and rest below the hip. Of course my imagination started going and I saw the potential it had in resembling a sexy 1940s look and BOOM, I made it come to life and look a whole lot better than how its supposed to look haha. Imagination is a powerful thing! It brings your creative vision to life!

Can we talk about the fit of these pants too? I love that Zara makes pants for tiny-waisted-big-booty girls like myself despite having size 0 models on their website. I have so many beautiful pairs of pants thanks to them.

This outfit is probably one of my favorite sets in my wardrobe and that’s saying a lot with all the clothing I have. I have already worn it 100x since
I bought it.

Anyway! I wore the top and pants with my new Misguided wrap sandals, sunnies from Buffalo Exchange, bamboo jewelry from Bow & Crossbones, and my favorite Spring/Summer staple…my purse from Rockin Bettie. What a LOOK. I felt like a modern-day Puerto Rican version of Marlene Dietrich or Hedy Lamar. Your clothes should always make you feel this good. ❤


Images by @DMRDepictions


3 Comments on “Blue & Bamboo

  1. Love the outfit! I admire the think outside the box when it comes to your style. Me I would’ve worn it baggy 😣

  2. Love your outfit and your site. It gives me such inspiration for my own vintage style I am wanting to cultivate and share.

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