I’ve been really delayed on posts as of late because I have been really busy. I can’t complain though, so many doors have been opening for me and I am starting to see the rewards of the past 10+ years as an influencer. I like that more brands are starting to take notice of influencers who show a different perspective on how to wear their items. I really do look at fashion as an art form and I put my all into the looks I create each day. The best part? I wear what I want for ME. I don’t do it for likes or attention. I just genuinely like to look my best every day. I enjoy it.

One thing I stopped enjoying was posting on my blog. I had to step away from it a few times to fall in love again. I also blame my crazy work schedule. Now I am back with a fresh new mindset and ready to revamp this platform and get back to business!

With that said, today I am blogging an outfit I wore a few months ago (See how behind I am?) that I absolutely loveeeee. As many of you know, I am obsessed with Kate Spade. I am so sad to hear that she committed suicide (R.I.P <3) and will continue to wear the colorful pieces she has designed that make me happy every time I wear them. This entire outfit is by Kate Spade. The top and skirt were on my wish-list forever until I got my hands on them at the North Premium Outlets here in Las Vegas. I also found the shoes and the purse there too! My earrings are from Forever21 and my sunglasses are by Polaroid. I am so in love with this outfit and am glad I got my friend Daniel to take these awesome shots at the Paradise Palms Golf Course <3.

Images by @DMRDepictions


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