The Unbound Babe

Let’s talk about SEX baby! Celebrate your femininity and sexuality in style with Unbound products💦💅🏼. Unbound is lead by a group of incredible women in NYC who are all about girl power and eliminating the negative stigma society pushes on female sexuality. They recently sent me a box of goodies and I am really excited to share this review with you tonight! I have gold-plated Bangle Handcuffs that can also be worn as bangles, a massage ring that I literally wear almost every day, a goodies-to-go pouch that has a tiny travel vibe and other essentials for bedroom play, a feather tickler, and my favoriteeeeee- the Cleopatra whip necklace I can wear out and also use for light BDSM bedroom play😘.

I am a huge fan of all things lingerie & play so it’s no surprise that Unbound has become my go-to spot for all of my fun goodies. I just love their down-to-earth approach on the topic of sex.

I am so tired of people shaming women for being sexual and love how Unbound fearlessly encourages women to embrace and explore their inner fantasies one product at a time. I even love how they are feminists as all of the pieces they sent me had labels with iconic women like Cleopatra or Amelia Earheart. If you haven’t seen their  (@unboundbabes), give them a follow because its both informative and hilarious!

I was really impressed when I received my Unbound box of goodies. The packaging was so cool and they have so many great pieces that are both fashionable and functional, two of my most favorite things!

I love the Whip it Necklace, gold bangle cuffs, and the massage ring because I can wear it out as an outfit piece or in the bedroom. I also love the tickler for obvious reason and don’t take Holidays without packing my “Oh, To go!” Bag (yes please!).How amazing are these Gold Cuffs you can also wear as bangles? i love that they thought of that! This is a fun, gorgeous, and elegant take on regular silver cuffs that just bruise your wrists. They also come in silver but I love the gold.Trust me, you need these.I love a good massage so I love this cute massage ring. I love a good tickler because they can be relaxing too. This one is the cutest, and the perfect travel size.Going on a Holiday? This is the perfect travel-size snack pack full of all the bedroom goodies you need. Yup! Condoms, wipes, pubs, and the perfect pretty-in-pink vibe. You better believe I am taking this everywhere with me!

The Whip Necklace is one of my favorite fashionable yet functional pieces from my goody box mainly because it takes inspiration from the iconic Cleopatra. I mean, what more can I say? It’s beautiful and perfect for light BDSM play. Meooowww!

Want to have your own fun? Use code: “JASMIN” at checkout to receive 15% OFF your next purchase💗. Or use this link- Click here.

Happy shopping love birds!


2 Comments on “The Unbound Babe

  1. Omg !!!! How cute is this, Dude compact travel is what’s so thoughtful about it and the fact that cuffs are bangles too 🙌🏿❤️
    Everything is so fancy !!!

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