Speckled like a Leopard

Here we have a Vintage Vandalizm out in the wild, her natural habitat, wearing a two-piece vintage leopard set along with some vintage inspired sunnies and a vintage lancome purse. All of which she found at her beloved Buffalo Exchange. Her earrings are from Vixen by Micheline Pitt and her shoes are vintage (too bad you can’t really see them!). I am obsessed with leopard so I was so excited when I found this set at Buffalo Exchange a few months ago. It was thrashed so it was in the 50% off section and I just knew, without even trying it on, that it was a gem. I restored it to its original condition and boom, it was a dream! I have worn this set over a million times since I restored it because it’s so comfortable and am so happy I was able to document it whilst spending the day at the Springs Preserve. If any of you are coming to town for Viva Las Vegas, make sure you attend my event on the 18th at Buffalo Exchange (7-9pm) and you might be able to find some gems like this too! Info in previous post. ❤

It’s all in the details so I wore this cute vintage spider brooch as well.

Images by @DMRDepictions.


2 Comments on “Speckled like a Leopard

  1. 😍😗 you slayed me with this leopard look. I LOVE this sort of print. I’m a Leo I was here for it and all the accessories I’m drooling over the earrings. I may have to save for a pair bc they look divine and the finger waves *sigh* I’m about to go into cardiac arrest.

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