Roses are red.

I love love love lingerie and am always looking for new brands and boutiques I can shop from. I was thrilled when I discovered Yandy, which is pretty much a lingerie mecca where you can always find what you are looking for at incredible prices. I fell head over heels for this awesome caged rose set (I know its sold out but they still have this one). It is definitely out of my comfort zone (and I definitely gave my mom a heart attack) but I figured, f*ck it, you only live once right? After trying it on, I just knew I had to do a shoot in it. I was almost afraid to post these images but, YOLO. I love them and I love this set. That’s why I ended up getting a few more pieces from the Yandy website like leather heart pasties and a gorgeous fringe navy blue chemise. They have so much to choose from and even sell shoes and swimwear too! Sorry, I know I am a bad influence haha. I will show you guys images of the other stuff I grabbed a little later. Until then, check out these awesome photos Daniel shot of me in the cage rose set.

Visit for more fabulous lingerie pieces!

Images by @DMRdepictions


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