Top Vintage x VV!

Last year I got to model for one of my favorite retro shops, Top Vintage Boutique in Holland, and twice at that! I can honestly say both were opportunities I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have been working tirelessly since 2008 as an influencer and this was proof that my hard work was finally paying off. I never thought that me, a fashion-funky-Puerto-Rican-girl from Queens, would be flying out to Holland to model for one of my favorite retro companies. I couldn’t be more thankful for the moments, friendships, and experience I acquired on those trips. To be able to model beautiful clothing, meet fabulous people (I love the TV staff!), and explore Amsterdam, Paris, and London during my travels felt like a dream (Is this my life?). Even now just writing about this makes me want to cry (I know I am a big baby).

It’s a beautiful thing when a company as big as this, recognizes your talent. Top Vintage truly embraces all that I am and I can’t tell you how good that feels in an industry where Puerto Rican girls aren’t really represented. Especially itty bitty ones with lots of jiggle haha. Anyway, you guys have to see some of these #bts and product shots. I modeled so many incredible pieces I wish I could have run off with haha. They have such a wonderfully curated shop of all things retro and its a breath of fresh air to visit their site and find whatever I need when I need retail therapy haha.

I have some pretty great timing with this post because right now Top Vintage is having a big sale! Click here to check out their sale selection. They have so many cute things! If you need a little inso, check out the products I shot inside!

Can I keep the van? Haha being a goof as always. This dress though…. ❤ Burgundy buns!
Can I haz all the coats I will never wear because I live in Las Vegas? So many cute Winter styles! Gimmie all the pants. Especially these! Plaid Plaid Plaid for Fall! But Houndstooth can be worn year around. ❤ Swooning over this coat.


Thank you @Yosoyvideo for the images, Charlotte (@Charlie_bum) for being an amazing shoot manager, Angelique for choosing me to be a part of this collection, and the rest of the staff for being so kind and hospitable during my trips!

Shop Top Vintage!


7 Comments on “Top Vintage x VV!

  1. Bought a couple of dresses from them and I love them so much. You look beautiful in everything you wear and I will definitely check out the sale. Thanks.

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