Zip me up Scotty!

See that cool handbag charm? It isn’t just some cool looking decorative item I added to my purse for fashions sake, its Zipa Jewels, my savior as a woman who lives alone and has a hard time zipping her outfits! I have T-rex arms ya’ll. It’s really annoying having to leave my house half zipped because I couldn’t reach my zipper. I always end up having to ask the friends I meet up with to do it for me lol but it’s still totally annoying having to do that. With Zipa I get to skip all of that. Now I don’t have to suffer doing crazy contortionist moves anytime I need to have my dresses zipped😂. No more bending, twisting, or having to ask my imaginary boyfriend to zip me up. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago with this awesome Nasty Gal fringe dress and it worked perfectly!

Since then I have already used it 10 different times. It comes in the CUTEST gift box you guys. They have a few other jewel colors too. Trust me, you all need this. To help get you started, check out the coupon code inside!
How cute is this box? I also think I could use this as a weapon lol but I won’t go there 😉 lololol So all you have to do is clip it to your zipper…. And pull up! voila! Then you just remove it and attach it to your purse!

Zips just launched their website and are offering my followers $5 off!

Use the code: Vandal

(Images by @DMRDepictions)


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