Black Magic Woman

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are Magic”-Frida Kahlo

It’s a new year and I am excited for all of the great and magical things that are to come. Last year I traveled a lot, made lots of new friends, and hustled harder than I ever had before. I’ve been able to expand my mind in ways I have never imagined. Especially with my style. Ever since I moved out West, I have been so inspired with Western style. The cowboy hats, Nudie suits, cowboy boots, bolo ties and gorgeous silver jewelry makes my stylish heart melt. Annnnddd…As most of you already know, I like to take inspirations from all genres of fashion and style and mix it all up.

With this outfit, I did just that. I took a silk chiffon ruffle dress from Zara and paired it with my new Stetson hat and added some other really cool western accessories. I felt like a little western witch haha. My hat really completes the outfit and its amazing that I bought Stetson hats as a teenager without knowing the great significance of the brand. Now I have a growing collection of both vintage and modern Stetson hats that I wear all the time. For my jewelry, I wore a vintage bolo tie I have had for maybe 10 years? It’s amazing all the awesome things I have kept that I thrifted as a teen. My ring was found at a garage sale and my clutch is vintage and a gift from my dear friend Bobi Jo. As for my boots, they are some cheap suede boots from my local discount shoe store. They were only $15! My belt is a cool vegan leather belt from Deandri.

I am trying to go more mainstream with my blog because to be honest, my style has always been very versatile and not just pinup. Its easy to get pigeon holed into being just one particular thing and I am trying to break out of it despite it being a style I do so well. I love the culture, don’t get me wrong but I have had to distance myself from it to continue to love it the way I do. Anyway, I am shocked I was able to mix so many different styles together for this look and somehow made it work. I’m kinda sorta really in love with it haha!


One Comment on “Black Magic Woman

  1. This outfit is amazing! I love all of the western elements you listed off. And I dream of one day owning a Nudie suit! Also, that bolo tie is EVERYTHING!!!


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