Be my Valentine?

Valentines Day is right around the corner and through I don’t always have a Valentine, its one of my favorite Holidays! I get so excited when I rummage through the Target dollar aisles flooded with pink and red colored hearts and trinkets! I used to feel blue about it but started utilizing Valentines Day to treat myself to whatever I wanted at the time (which is like any other day haha). I also cannot resist buying lingerie, even if I am not wearing it for anyone other than myself! This time around I did just that. I got myself another Secrets in Lace set! This one was just too good to be kept hidden away in my lingerie dresser so I decided to do an elegant shoot in it. I mean, why hide it away just because I don’t have a Valentine haha?

Anyway, as you can see from my past SIL posts, I love their plunge bras. This one is called the Speakeasy Plunge Bra in white and I pretty much have this style in like 4 colors. I love the transparent panels on the bust that you can hide for a peek-a-boo effect or utilize to keep the girls in place ;). Of course I had to get the matching garter belt and Satin Thong too haha. Love that this garter has 6 straps. It helps me keep my stockings up all day. As for the SIL Satin Thongs, I wear them religiously because they are high-waisted and don’t cut into my hips. SIL makes them in black, tan, white, pink, red, and leopard (I feel guilty that I have them all lol).

The best thing about SIL is that you can create an entire set from head to toe. They have an amazing selection of nylons and other accessories that go perfectly with each set. Here, I am wearing their Glimmer Reinforced heel & Toe stockings and I love the gold sheen they have to them. They go so perfectly with this set! For the extra drama, I also wore my vintage 1940s dressing gown, costume jewelry, and lucite springolators. Ya’ll know I am extra lolol.

Would you like to be my Valentine?

(Images by @DmrDepictions.

Treat yourself or treat your honey this Valentines Day by visiting Secrets in Lace!


2 Comments on “Be my Valentine?

  1. You are gorgeous, the makeup highlights your seductive eyes and lips, your hair style is perfect, your gorgeous curvys in lingerie… from head to toe you are so sexy and elegant! I especially love the stockings, the sheen and color. I wish more women dressed like you! You are like a woman from a Jack Vettriano painting. Many men would agree I think, and there are guys who would like to embrace timeless, old school style for themselves, instead of looking like weirdos in skinny jeans and v neck undershirts

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