Dressed to the nines.

A few weeks ago I channeled my inner Marlene Dietrich in a plaid suit. It was one of those perfect outfit days where everything came out exactly how I imagined. It’s rare that I have days where my outfit, hair, and makeup behave. There is always something haha! On this day, I was ON POINT. I wore a plaid pencil skirt with a matching capelet, a burgundy turtleneck body suit, a burgundy beret, my black Kate Spade purse, and some black mules. For my jewelry, I kept it simple with some gold stud earrings, a poodle brooch, and my Buffalo Exchange 1940s inspired sunnies. It’s the perfect Fall outfit since Vegas Winters don’t get TOO cold haha.

I have to say that this outfit will go down as one of my favorite looks EVER. I love being able to imagine a look and bring it to life with my wardrobe. Its fun and a challenge for me every single morning and something I truly enjoy. I think for most people, dressing up seems like a mission. For me, its how I express my creativity. So many people are consumed with trends and what society thinks is cool, so they just go along with the crowd. I think that state of mind is so limiting. No one should dictate whats in or out of fashion and no one should make you feel uncomfortable if you want to dress up! I’m 100% all for freedom of expression and people wearing whatever they want. I live by this. ❤

Anyway! On this day, my friend Daniel and I, visited our friends Mike and Jade who have a beautiful Mid-Century home and the most adorable Scotty named Angus! I have to say, he is quite the model (he’s better than me! lolol).  I took him out for a walk and it turned out we had matching outfits ;). 

Images by @dmrdepictions

6 Comments on “Dressed to the nines.

  1. Absolutely stunning! what lippy are you wearing? Love the whole outfit, Diva perfection! Where is the body suit from?

  2. Love the bodysuit as well!
    I admire how your personality shines through each and every outfit. Thank you for inspiring me ❤

  3. I like standing out and being different. I want people to remember me for what I wear. Even when I’m rock n rolling, I always check to make sure noones dresses are the same as any I own. Xxx

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