Cats & Curves

I live for lingerie. I practically wear it every day. It makes me feel sexy. There’s this misconception that women only wear lingerie for men. That’s not true! I am almost always single and wear my lingerie anyway! I like dressing up in my every day life so why wouldn’t I dress up when I am at home too? Gimme all the robes, silky nightgowns, baby dolls, and frilly panties. The thought of it all makes me want to shop at all of my favorite lingerie shops like Secrets in Lace. I know I talk about them all the time but come on…I mean, look at this awesome set & stockings I am wearing in these photos! I’m wearing the Satin Speakeasy Plunge bra, Tiffany open bottom girdle, Satin high-waist thong, and the Anya Outline Heel full fashioned stockings. This set is classic black but still such a statement piece. And I love how SIL is a one stop shop for an entire lingerie outfit. I had to shoot in it the second I received my package.

For this shoot, I wanted to do another 60s style lingerie shoot in it so of course I called up my buddy Daniel and we made it happen. This shoot was extra special because his cute cat Jasmin (Yeah we have the same name lol!) photobombed our photos lolol. Ironically they were my favorite photos of the bunch! Jasmin was quite the model and did a great job looking adorable in the shoot. See images inside!

Photos by @DMRdepictions

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