Genie in a Bottle.

As I said in my previous post, October was the perfect month for me to bring out all of my costumes and spooky looks. I had two costumes this year, one was Shadaloo Cammy and the other was a Genie! Sadly my golden lamp didn’t arrive on time so when I went out in this outfit, I was missing the key piece to my costume but that’s what I get for waiting until last-minute haha. Luckily I got my friend Daniel to shoot me in it before I put it away with all of my other costumes until next year. In these shots I am wearing a vintage genie pajama set, Bow and Crossbones Jewelry, a Classy Rebel pony cuff, vintage purse, and my Pleaser Mules. The real stars of the show aside from my vintage two-piece was my earrings and bangles from Bow & Crossbones. I am OBSESSED with confetti lucite jewelry so when she released her colorful collection of confetti lucite earrings and bangles, I went a little nuts. I literally have every single color from the collection and recently hosted a contest where you could have won $150 worth of jewels (congrats to the winner!). Anyway, everything looked awesome put together and I was happy my jewelry matched my vintage purse! I love these images and wish I could be a Genie every day haha. 

Images by @DMRDepictions

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