Lets talk hosiery.

How many of you have a ridiculously hard time finding the right pantyhose that actually matches your skin tone and fits you properly? I am raising my hand hard right now because pantyhose is usually a nightmare to look for. I used to buy Leg Avenue all the time but found that most of their back seam hosiery just didn’t match my skin and always made my legs look a lot lighter than they were or much too dark if I went with darker shades. This Halloween, I really really needed the perfect tan fishnet or sheer pantyhose to wear with my latex body suit because hellooooo cellulite! Not that I really care but its nice to have pantyhose give you a nice little cinch and lift if you get my drift haha. After searching and searching, most pantyhose I found had that weird shorts shadow line right by the crotch area which looks HELLA tacky with a damn body suit. As you can imagine, I was frustrated. Fishnets were apparently my only option but I then had a hard time finding my exact shade.

After a few days, I decided to check the Secrets in Lace online shop where I discovered the absolute best pantyhose that 1. Came in a variety of shades (including my shade! wee!) 2. Fit comfortably 3. had no weird short looking lines 4. Were high quality. They were perfect so I snagged myself a pair of fishnets AND a sheer pair, both of which were exceptionally amazing. Because I wore hosiery, I was able to wear my costume comfortably a few days ago when I entered a costume contest and was put on stage (WELP). If you need hosiery now that the weather is getting cooler, check out all of the cool pantyhose that SIL offers! See images inside.

These awesome fishnet pantyhose comes in both beige and black. Beige looks great on my tan skin tone! They have an elastic around the waist that makes you lost a few inches as well. Hello hour-glass figure?

These awesome sheer stockings is what I wore last Friday in the coffee color way. They are the only sheer pantyhose I have found that actually match my skin tone and give me the coverage and comfort I need when wearing short things!

Want a little shine? These Glimmer Sheer Panty hose are perfect for metallic pieces. That’s what I wear them with, anyway!

Back Seam pantyhose are my absolute favorite for obvious reasons. These are AMAZING. They shine and are sexy!

Which pair will you be sporting at your Holiday events this year? They are all statement pieces!

Visit Secrets in Lace for more!

One Comment on “Lets talk hosiery.

  1. Oh man! Don’t get me started on pantyhose trouble! I never seem to find the right fit, which the other day ended with me standing in our local drugstore with my pantyhose down my knees (luckily I was wearing an ankle-long skirt and could shuffle back to my car without too much trouble). So perhaps it’s even crucial for me to go check this company out before I fall flat-faced with my legs in the air… 😉



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