Hot Rod Honey!

This year has been all about embracing my inner bad girl and what better way to celebrate being a fierce little force of nature than to strut my stuff in Vixen by Micheline Pitt. I am obsessed with her Vixen tops and pencil skirts! Her dresses and bad girl tops are amazing too! These days, my closet is exploding with dresses, so its nice to dive into separates. The other day whilst shopping downtown, I was feeling a bit frisky. And since I dress according to my mood, I wore my new hot pink Vixen top and frisky fetish skirt. I love love love this outfit and was glad I paired it with a few of my favorite accessories like my acorn beret, Bow & Cross Bones bangles, Vixen hoops, Vintage glasses, and Christian Louboutin purse. My shoes were, of course, by pleaser. They are my favorite mules and I wear them with almost every one of my outfits.

I just love how comfortable the Vixen tops fit! As someone who has such sensitive skin that I have to be careful of wearing harsh fabrics, I am relieved Micheline created the perfect soft and sexy top. It doesn’t suffocate my T-rex arms lol. I also love how her pencil skirts fit my figure like a dream! They are lined in the softest silky material so I don’t feel contracted and can actually walk haha. This one has the perfect fetish print. It totally suits me haha ;). It was the perfect outfit for the perfect shopping day and a great excuse to wear hot pink lipstick haha. Stay tuned, I have a lot more Vixen pieces I will be reviewing over the next few weeks. They are all so amazing!

Images by @DMRDepictions.

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