Batter Up Baby Doll

Lars Kommienezuspadt knows exactly how to make me feel like a phoenix rising from it’s ashes and he knows how to capture my emotions in the mix (You can feel my energy in these images). I can’t tell you how important it is to work with people who just “get you”. This is why I am selective about the photographers I collaborate with.

We never miss a beat. Every single shoot we have done have been some of my best shoots. Every vision we think of, we create, seamlessly. For this shoot, I took inspiration from one of my favorite comic book characters, Veronica Lodge of Archie Comics. I wanted to be the bad girl version of Ronnie (even though she was never really an angel lol). Since I happen to resemble Veronica, I decided to do my own take on Ronnie’s character (The one who leaves Archie for Reggie 😉 ) in a custom Latex jacket and thong by the amazing Lady Lucie Latex. I had the varsity jacket stamped with a “V” which initially stands for Vintage Vandal but could stand for Veronica Lodge as well. I have to be honest, it was nerve wrecking (and out of my comfort zone) to be topless with just a jacket, thong, and heels but I had just went through a horrible breakup and ultimately ended up giving no fucks. I’m glad no fucks were given because the outfit was incredible. To compliment the style of the varsity outfit, I felt it was only right to pose on a High School baseball field (Don’t worry, school was closed and no kids were present) with a vintage baseball bat, you know, the one I chased Archie with ;P. Just kidding. But yeah, he’s buried under the bleachers. To add another element to this shoot, I also posed with a vintage car (Thank you Bobbi Jo!). Needless to say, the shoot was a grand slam and I can cross this idea off of my bucket list!


3 Comments on “Batter Up Baby Doll

  1. Absolutely loooooove these photos! You look incredible but then again, when don’t you! The creative thought that went into this is amazing! Love it!

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