Latin Satin

(Image by Shannon Brooke for Pinup Couture shoes. Wearing Secrets in Lace lingerie set)

Ya’ll already know how much I love Secrets in Lace. I wear one of their pieces at least 4-5 times a week, be it a bra, garter, stockings, or my favorite…Their stretch satin high waisted thongs. I literally have them in every color and wear them almost every day in a variety of colors. It is so hard to find 80’s style high waisted thongs with a modern fit. They rest perfectly on my waist to accentuate my curvy shape. Not to mention, they also keep my baby gut in check when I have had way too many tacos lolol.

In the image above, for Pinup Couture shoes, I wore a Secrets in Lace set. Its my favorite set they have ever made and you can see how awesome their thongs lay on my waist. In this post, I also have other images of the other colors I have sported in the past month. I can’t help it, I love them!


I have like 50 pairs of the red satin thongs lol. Love them in black too!

But leopard is my ultimate favorite for obvious reasons!

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