Summer Wine

I am so in love with Secrets in Lace lingerie, especially their bullet bras and high waisted stretch satin thongs. I wear the thongs religiously, but every now and then I pull together a whole set like a matching bullet bra, garters, and stockings. I love feeling extra 1950s/60s by wearing garter belts and stockings. SIL has a ton to choose from and I love them all.

The other day I decided to shoot in one of my favorite SIL sets and love how the photos came out. I wanted to go with a 1960s theme so I wore the yellow bullet bra, satin red thong, yellow ruffle garter belt, a floral print robe, and matching stockings (all from Secrets in Lace!). I also wore my Christian Louboutin Maryl red pumps and took the belt off of the robe to make a matching headband. I added some hair flowers to give it a good 1960s feel and to match the robe and it was a hit! Check out the photos inside!

Images by DMR Depictions


3 Comments on “Summer Wine

  1. You look like the 60s pin up actress Rosanna Schiaffino in these pictures.Particularly from film Drop dead darling

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