Day & Night with Vint & York

I spent a week playing with 6 pairs of Vint & York glasses with 3 different outfits and it was so much fun! I love that their innovative and stylish frames are versatile enough to look great with all of my looks. It’s also awesome that all of their eyewear is high quality and long-lasting too. I can’t even tell you how many vintage pairs of sunglasses broke on me in the past so its nice to have a modern vintage-inspired brand that takes inspiration from all eras.

This is more of a 3 in 1 post as I am sharing 3 different outfits I wore last week instead of sharing them in 3 different posts. By doing it this way you get to see how versatile my Vint & York sunglasses are!

See all of my looks inside!

On this day I headed to the pool with my friend Bobbi in my Vint & York Moll Sunglasses. I wore them with my swimsuit from Asos, shoes from Mod Cloth, Bow and Crossbones earrings, vintage bangle, and a vintage hat/purse.I love them so MUCH YOU GUYS. They are so 1960s and I love the glittery frames! They come in 3 colors! Love this outfit!

And when I am not in the sun and don’t need to wear sunglasses, I can just wear these awesome Swanky Vint & York glasses..The Tortoise shell design of these Swanky glasses goes so well with all of my tropical looks!

On this day I went shopping/lounging around Green Valley Ranch with friends in my Vint & York Juice Joint sunglasses. These are more of a 1970s style so I wore them with my Unique Vintage jumpsuit, Stetson hat, Alex & Ani bangles, and my Kate Spade purse. I love the hazy look of the lenses and the gold frames.
I love love love this outfit and my sunnies really complete the look! And when I went inside the Casino, all I had to do was change into my Vint & York Thelma glasses. I love the cool lavender tortoise shell inspired design. They take on a life of their own when worn and I was so happy they meshed well with my outfit!On this day I went for a more casual look for errands/dinner at my friends house and brought 2 different pairs of shades with me. For the first part of the day I wore the Vint & Work Charleston 1940s style sunglasses. These are my absolute favorite because they have lenses that are interchangeable. I really love the sunglass lenses on them so I wear them that way most of the time but I like having options! I wore them with a simple white tank top, jeans, a vintage purse, thrifted jewelry, and my favorite Stetson hat.

 This is how they look without the sunglass lenses. They are SO good!Once the sun started to set, I threw on my Fitzgerald glasses. These are a classic and can be worn with nearly any style from any era.

These also come in sunglass lenses too and I love the anti-reflective/anti-scratch coating of these and all the other Vint & York glasses. All of the Vint & York eyewear come with a gorgeous case and boxed for safe keeping.

What’s your favorite look and style from this post? Comment below!

Find your new favorite glasses at Vint & York.


4 Comments on “Day & Night with Vint & York

  1. So difficult to choose a favorite! The 1st two are the bees kness. Loving the rope detail on the swimsuit.

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