Ray of light

I’m a sucker for a good Hawaiian print and as I mentioned previously, The Pretty Dress Company released a collection of amazing Hawaiian dresses and separates. I am obsessed with it all and had to have it all like this gorgeous and sexy wiggle dress. I love it for many reasons besides the print, It fits me like a dream, and it makes me feel fabulous. On this day I was off to have dinner with my best friends Daniel and Rhiannon so I wore my PDC dress with some tropical accessories I bought back when I visited Puerto Rico a few years ago. My earrings for starters are real starfish. One of them cracked but I still wear them anyway. My bangle is from the Puerto Rican festival I recently attended here in Las Vegas. I then used a vintage shell beaded necklace as a hair piece and it matched perfectly with the dress. For the finishing touches, I wore my Christian Louboutin Maryl pumps in red. My purse isn’t pictured here but it was wicker. Gotta thank my boy Daniel for always having his camera when we hang out because without him I wouldn’t have had great images of this outfit! I love these images so much!

Images by @DMRDepictions


4 Comments on “Ray of light

  1. Can I just after back reading your blog,say not just a head turner but also a page turner great articles I always love the retro look in a woman and you do it so well only thing shocking about it all is you are single as the plot of one of my favourite films Wild at Heart goes I hope one day you meet your sailor

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