Love lace

I am a bit of a lingerie addict so I literally have one dresser dedicated to my night gowns, robes, bras, underwear, shape wear, and stockings. I don’t like to just dress up on the outside but underneath my clothes too and surprisingly not for any man, but for myself. I always feel powerful in lingerie which is why I love this gorgeous red lace set by Secrets in Lace. It fits like a dream and makes me feel like a sassy gal from the 1950s when I wear my SIL garters and stockings to match. SIL stockings have a nostalgia to them because they are literally made just like the stockings in the 1950s. They are even designed and made at an original factory! I have them in a variety of colors and look forward to wearing them when it isn’t 115 degrees outside lol. Thanks Vegas! However, I can’t wait till fall to get creative with my lingerie under my outfits. It’s my favorite time of year in Las Vegas! Anyway, here are behind the scenes images of me in my dressing room rocking my SIL lingerie before putting on my actual outfit of the day.

Images by @Dmrdepictions

7 Comments on “Love lace

  1. Jasmin, I just spotted you in a Las Vegas photo feature on the New York Times web site! Congratulations!

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