Pink, Pearls, & Poodles.

I love me a good wiggle dress so when Stop Staring released their pink Nylad dress, I just knew I had to have it. Of course, as soon as it came in the mail, I didn’t even wait a day to wear it! Its comfortable and fits like a dream!..Like most of my Stop Staring pieces haha.

On this day I was off to have lunch with friends at Green Valley Ranch, one of my absolute favorite places to get some R&R. I was feeling super girly! I mean, long lashes, pink lips, poodles, pearls, and that glorious pink dress. I love dressing up and being a woman and I don’t wait for a super special occasion to look my best. I just wear whatever I want whenever I want and it’s a really great way to live because I am not constricted to the limitations that most of our generation abides by. I think the concept of waiting until a special day to dress up is just….silly. But hey, that’s just me. I know when I dress well, I feel great!..and I felt pretty awesome in this dress. I kept my accessories simple (If that’s what you want to call it haha). I wore my new vintage dog wicker purse, pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet, a vintage Bob Mackie poodle brooch, pink mules by C Label, and my favorite vintage sunglasses. This look is definitely one for the books!
Wearing Besame in Dusty Rose to soften this matte lip color.

Images by @Dmrdepictions

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